Do I need a visa for Saudi Arabia?

iVisa | Updated on Jul 20, 2022

Yes, All foreigners who want to enter Saudi Arabia need both a passport and visa, which means that they need to apply for both documents. The Tourist eVisa is the most popular option for tourist that wish to visit Saudi Arabia for 90 days in Total.

A passport does not require too much hassle. You can usually get it easily and pretty fast. The visa, on the other hand, is entirely another story.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I know if I need a visa for Saudi Arabia.

If you do need a visa or don't, will depend on your nationality. Click here to check if you will require a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia, by choosing your nationality. You will see information and requirements in seconds.

What is this visa about?

It's an electronic visa which will be linked to your passport number, and if it's granted, It will allow you to enter in Saudi Arabia without even visit any consulate or embassy.

How long can I stay in Saudi Arabia with an eVisa?

You will only be allow to stay 90 days in Total in Saudi Arabia with Multiple Entry

How do you get a visa in Saudi Arabia?

To get a Saudi Arabian visa you will need a valid passport, a digital photo, email address, and a method of payment. Here are the full details:

  • Valid passport – the general requirement is that your passport needs to be valid for three months after your visa expires.

  • A digital photo of you – in PDF format and passport size.

  • E-mail address – when applying with iVisa, your visa will be sent to you via e-mail, so make sure that you introduce a valid e-mail address you have access to.

  • Means of payment – iVisa accepts multiple methods of payment such as credit and debit cards or Paypal. Do not forget to double-check the spelling before submitting your application.

How long is the Saudi Arabia eVisa valid?

It's valid for 1 year after issued.

What are the processing times and prices?

We have the following processing times for you to choose:

  • Standard processing – The process will take 5 days, and it costs USD $195.99 (service fees included).

  • Rush processing – Faster than the previous one! 3 days, and the total price it's USD $233.99 (service fees included).

  • Super rush processing – Our fastest option, and it's really worth it! 24 hours, and you will be charged USD $275.99 (service fees included).

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How can I apply for an eVisa?

This applications was designed for you to complete it within 10 minutes. Follow these simple steps:

  1. First, fill the applicant's general information and then choose your processing time!

  2. Second, revise your application so you can make sure all the details are correct. After, continue with the payment.

  3. The last step consists of a questionnaire. You will be required to upload your passport scan in full color. Be sure it's not blurry and has a good quality.

Click here to start. After you finish, submit the application and wait for the processing time you chose for your visa to arrive. If you want to follow up or if you have any question, you can contact our support service that you can call 24/7.

What do I need to present upon arrival in Saudi Arabia?

Upon arrival, you will need your printed visa and your passport!

Does obtaining an eVisa guarantee me entry into Saudi Arabia?

NO. Possession of an electronic visa for Saudi Arabia does not provide an automatic right of entry for the holder into the Country. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to any person if he considers that such a person is unable to fulfill the immigration requirements or that such a person's presence in Saudi Arabia would be contrary to national interests or security.

Is it safe to use iVisa to get my Saudi Arabia eVisa?

Yes! Certainly, you can trust iVisa, we will take care of the overall process of your visa carefully. You can check the testimonials of hundreds of happy customers here.

I have more unresolved questions, where can I find more info?

Click here and start chatting with one of our customer service agents. Also, you can find more information and Frequentl asked questions (FAQs) here.

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