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Saudi Arabia e-visa application form

Saudi Arabia e-visa application form
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

One of the things people hate the most when they apply for anything is the application form. Surely you can relate. They are long, and some of the questions you do not even know what they are referring to. Sounds familiar? A lot of people feel that way, which is why iVisa has designed a comprehensible and easy Saudi Arabia e-visa application form. It should take you no more than 20 minutes to go through, and if you need any help, you can call iVisa’s support service 24/7. Someone will take your call and guide you through the process step by step if needed.

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The steps of the Saudi Arabia e-visa application form

For your convenience, iVisa has broken down the application form into three simple steps. That way you can go through it quickly. The first step consists of your general information. You need to provide full name, address, passport info, date of departure and arrival, maybe some details on your flight, and so on. That part should be easy since you have all that information at hand.

Also in step one, you need to choose one of the three processing times put at your disposal. You can choose between Standard, which is the slowest, Rush, and Super Rush. The latter is the fastest processing time you can choose. However, keep in mind that the choice you make determines the cost of your visa. The faster you want your Saudi Arabia e-visa, the more you will be charged.

Step two should take less time to complete. You will be required to make the payment and revise everything you filled in during step one. As for the payment, iVisa gives you multiple choices when it comes to means. You can use a credit or a debit card, and if you have a Paypal account, iVisa takes that as well. The revision is more important than you think. You need to make sure that every single piece of information you provide is accurate and spelled correctly. iVisa gives you the opportunity to make corrections, but only until your application reaches processing. After that moment, you cannot make any corrections, and to get your visa, you need to go through the process once more. It is a hassle, which is why it is a lot easier to revise your application before submitting it.

Last but not least, the third step may ask you to upload some documents such as a passport scan, or any other document that is needed for your particular case. For instance, a parent who travels with a minor, but without the other parent of the said minor is required to upload an authorization letter from the second parent.

Once you go through all three steps, you are free to submit your application. The Saudi Arabia e-visa application form will be processed in the timeframe of your choosing, and the visa will arrive via e-mail. As you can see, there seems to be nothing complicated about the form, and it should not take long for you to complete it.

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