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Saudi Arabia e-visa for Estonians

iVisa | Updated on Aug 13, 2022

Saudi Arabia has finally decided to release electronic visas for the citizens of 35 states. Estonia made the list, which means that a Saudi Arabia e-visa for Estonians is soon to be available. The e-visa is planned to go live in just a few weeks, and it is best if you keep yourself informed. That is if you are interested, but you landed on this page, so clearly, you are.

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The decision came as a surprise since the kingdom’s government has been talking about this initiative for years. Since 2006 to be more precise. However, since the oil prices have gone down, they decided that need a new source of revenue, and tourism is something that always pays off.

How to get a Saudi Arabia e-visa for Estonians online?

The answer is simple: iVisa. iVisa is a visa expediting company that has dedicated its resources to helping people get their documents. It has processed thousands of applications, and they are highly appreciated on the market. Here is why you should employ its services as well:

  • Comfort – with iVisa, you do not have to take any trip to an embassy. You can apply from the comfort of your home, day or night.

  • Fast processing – the company offers three processing periods (usually,) for every applicant’s needs and budget. Some visa applications are processed in just 15 minutes, so you get the picture.

  • Simple application form – iVisa comes with two-step or three-step application forms, depending on the visa policy of the destination country. Either way, the forms are explicit and do not present anything that might put you in a tight spot.

  • Competitive prices – there are two parts that make up a visa cost: the value of the actual visa and the service fee for iVisa. iVisa has no saying in how much a visa costs, but the service fee is always at the lowest on the market. Of course, the service fee depends on the processing time you choose.

  • Excellent support service – while it is unlikely to have issues in going through the process, iVisa puts at your disposal a fantastic support service that is available 24/7.

Are the Saudi Arabia e-visa for Estonians requirements known?

Sadly, no. It seems that until the bylaws are adopted, the officials refused to make the guidelines public. The reason behind it is unclear as well. However, not all is undisclosed. As it seems, all people who wish to apply for a Saudi Arabia e-visa must have a valid passport. Moreover, the passport needs to remain valid for at least another 6 months from the date of departure. That is a general requirement, and it is not difficult to meet.

However much we still do not know, one thing is 100% sure. A Saudi Arabia e-visa for Estonians will go live in just a little bit, and if you wish to apply for one, iVisa can help you to the best of its abilities. Why go to an embassy and waste time and effort when your visa is just a few clicks away?

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