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Saudi Arabia e-visa for Greeks

iVisa | Updated on Aug 13, 2022

Greece is a Schengen Area state, and since Saudi Arabia will start releasing electronic visas for all the nationalities in the area, a Saudi Arabia eVisa for Greeks will soon become available. As a result, all Greeks will be able to get their Saudi Arabia visa online and avoid a consulate altogether. The decision does not come as a complete surprise. Saudi Arabia’s government has been talking about this initiative for years, but now they are compelled to adopt it because they need new sources of revenue. The oil prices have come down, so they decided to enhance tourism. It is a brilliant idea because the visa application process will be more accessible, so more tourists are likely to visit Saudi Arabia.

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How to get a Saudi Arabia eVisa for Greeks online?

If you want to avoid all the bureaucracy, you can employ the services provided by iVisa. iVisa is a visa expediting company that handles thousands of applications every year, and all its customers are satisfied. You will be too, and here is why:

  • It is more comfortable – you are no longer required to go to a diplomatic mission to get your visa. You can also ignore business hours and apply whenever you want. The fact that you can apply from home or from work is a huge selling point.

  • Fast processing – usually, iVisa provides three options when it comes to processing, but even the slowest of them will get your visa in your e-mail inbox quickly.

  • It is not expensive – iVisa is very well aware of the offers on the market, which is why it provides excellent service at competitive prices. Of course, the price of your visa is determined by the processing time you choose. As you can expect, the faster you want your visa, the more money you spend.

  • Comprehensible application forms – everyone dislikes forms, which is why iVisa designed an application form that is easy to comprehend and fill in. It is highly unlikely that you will have trouble getting through it.

  • Excellent support service – if you need any help, which again, it is unlikely, iVisa provides support 24/7. The service is free of charge.

The Saudi Arabia eVisa for Greeks requirements – an unknown aspect

Since the bylaws have not been yet adopted, the officials have not released the guidelines. That is bound to happen once everything is settled, but until then, the requirements are unknown. However, as a general requirement, everyone who wishes to apply must have a valid passport. What is more, is that the passport must keep its validity for at least another 6 months from the date of departure to Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, the visa application will get rejected.

The Saudi Arabia eVisa for Greeks will go live in just a little while. We do not know much about it except its future existence and the passport aspect. However, iVisa will do its best to make the process easy for you so that you can have a positive experience applying. Come back for further details.

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