Saudi Arabia e-visa for Hungarians

Saudi Arabia e-visa for Hungarians
iVisa | Updated on Nov 27, 2019

Saudi Arabia has decided that it is time to start releasing electronic visas, just like many other countries in the world. However, it will do so only for the citizens of 35 states, and Hungary is on the list. All Schengen Area countries are. As a result, Hungarians will no longer be required to go to an embassy to apply for their Saudi Arabia visa. Instead, they can do it entirely online.

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The initiative is a brilliant one. Saudi Arabia needs new sources of income since the oil prices went down, and tourists need an easier visa application process. More tourists are bound to go to Saudi Arabia, and because they will spend more money inside the country, Saudi Arabia will fix a part of its issues. It is a situation in which everybody wins.

How to get a Saudi Arabia e-visa for Hungarians online?

To make things easier for you, you can apply online using the services of iVisa. It is a visa expediting company that dedicates its resources to helping people get their visa, no matter where they want to go. As long as the destination country releases electronic visas and allows online applications, iVisa is what you are looking for. As you can expect, iVisa will be able to help you get your Saudi Arabia e-visa as well as soon as it goes live in just a couple of weeks. Here is why you should employ iVisa’s services:

  • It is easier – a trip to the embassy is nobody’s cup of tea. You need to be there during business hours, which means that you miss on work. However, an online application requires 20 minutes of your time, and you can do it entirely from home. No more trips anywhere.

  • Quick processing – iVisa provides three options when it comes to processing, and you can choose according to your needs and budget. Even so, your visa will arrive via e-mail in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Low prices – the competition is fierce when it comes to online visa applications, which is why iVisa provides top service at competitive prices. The cost of your visa depends on the processing time you choose.

  • Comprehensible forms – application forms are not the easiest things to understand, and usually people need help filling them in. However, iVisa designed a simple application form that you can complete in 20 minutes tops. You should have no trouble going over it.

  • Excellent support service – while it is unlikely to need any help during the application process, iVisa has a fantastic support service just in case you do. The service is available 24/7, and it is entirely free of any charge.

Do we know the Saudi Arabia e-visa for Hungarians requirements?

That would be negative. Until the bylaws are adopted, the official guidelines are being kept undisclosed. Once they are voted on, the officials will release the instructions to the public. Until then, all we know is that applicants who wish to go to Saudi Arabia and apply online for a visa need to have a valid passport that remains as such for at least another 6 months from the date of departure. Other than that, we wait for further details.

We may not have all the details yet, but a Saudi Arabia e-visa for Hungarians will become available soon. Until then, make sure to have the passport, to get this out of the way, and come back from time to time for the latest updates.

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