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Saudi Arabia e-visa for Norwegians

Saudi Arabia e-visa for Norwegians
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

Are you looking for Saudi Arabia e-visa for Norwegians? Lucky for you, you have landed on the right page. Saudi Arabia will start releasing electronic visas soon, and the recipients will be the citizens of 35 countries. Norway is one of them, and that means you do not need a consulate visit to get your visa next time you go to Saudi Arabia.

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The government of Saudi Arabia took this decision as a consequence of losing revenue because of oil prices going down. They thought tourism is something worth working at, which is why they decided to issue electronic visas. This talk has been taking place since 2006, but now, 12 years later, the initiative will gain full effect.

How to get a Saudi Arabia e-visa for Norwegians online?

While you can choose from a vast variety of visa service providers, you should go with iVisa. For the last 4 years, iVisa has handled thousands of applications per year, and that is why people love it so much. With iVisa, your only effort consists of filling in an application form. The rest will be handled by professionals. Here are a few benefits you will enjoy if you employ iVisa’s services:

  • You can apply from home – if before you had to go to Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic mission to get your visa, now you can do it from home, work, or wherever you may be. Also, and you can apply 24/7, so you can disregard business hours.

  • Short waiting period – we do now know yet how much it is going to take to process your Saudi Arabia e-visa for Norwegians, but in some cases, iVisa gets you your visa in as little as 15 minutes.

  • It is not expensive – iVisa is aware of the market competition, which is why it provides low prices. The cost of your visa depends on the processing time you choose. Usually, iVisa gives you three processing options, and you can select the one that you want.

  • Easy application form – almost everyone dislikes filling in forms, especially if they do not fully understand them. iVisa knows that, which is why the forms are designed to be easy to comprehend and go through.

  • Fantastic support service – just in case you have trouble going through the online application process, which is not likely, iVisa provides an excellent support service that you can contact day or night.

Do we know anything about the Saudi Arabia e-visa for Norwegians requirements?

At the moment, the official guidelines are not released. That is because the bylaws have not been adopted yet. That is scheduled to happen at the end of April, and surely the officials will issue the guidelines as well. Until then, all we know is that if you wish to apply for a Saudi Arabia e-visa, you need a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of departure to Saudi Arabia. Anything other than that is yet to be disclosed. You should stay tuned and come back for further details.

Yes, we may not know all about the requirements, and things may seem unclear, but a Saudi Arabia e-visa for Norwegians will become available in just a couple of weeks. That thing is for sure. Until then, iVisa will put together all the available information and will turn the application process into smooth sailing for you.

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