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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia has recently introduced the Tourist e-Visa for citizens of over 50 countries. This Tourist e-Visa allows travelers to enter the country for leisure purposes and it enables them to stay in Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days. The Saudi Arabia Tourist e-Visa application process is very simple and 100% online. Once the application is submitted and accepted, the applicant will receive an electronic visa that must be shown to the immigration officers upon arrival. Yes, it’s that simple.

The e-Visa system is an online method of applying for visas from anywhere in the world. Some advantages of this system to the traveler are that visas can be applied for quickly over the internet at any time, from any location and that payment is made online at the time of the application.

- NOTE - For non-muslims: The Saudi Arabia Tourist eVisa is granted for tourism purposes ONLY. Visitors are forbidden from visiting the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

For muslims: pilgrims may travel for Umrah on a tourist eVisa outside of Hajj season ONLY.

Required Documents to Apply
  • Applicant Photo

Important Instructions
  • Travelers must have their passport with at least 6-months validity from the date of arrival and have at least 1 page available for stamping.

  • The Saudi Arabia Tourist e-Visa allows applicants Multiple Entry in Saudi Arabia and visitors can remain in the country for up to 90 days in Total.

  • You can apply for a Saudi Arabia Tourist e-Visa if the purpose of your visit is leisure (tourism).

  • Possession of a Tourist Visa for Saudi Arabia does not provide automatic right of entry for the holder into the Country. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to any person, if he considers that such a person is unable to fulfill the immigration requirements or that such person's presence in Saudi Arabia would be contrary to national interests or security.

  • Minor applicants are required to provide the account of their parents/guardians.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Saudi Arabia e-Visa is an official document that grants the right to enter multiple times to Saudi Arabia. There is no need to make an appointment or present original documents to the Embassy or Consular Office.

Applicants will be required to pay the visa cost and medical insurance, which sums up to USD 132.00. The cost can be broken into:

  • Visa Cost: USD 87.00

  • Medical Insurance: USD 38.00

Additionally, there is a service fee of:

  • Standard Processing: USD 30.00

  • Rush Processing: USD 55.00

  • Super Rush Processing: USD 80.00

It depends on the processing time you choose. We offer three options:

  • Standard Processing: 5 days

  • Rush Processing: 3 days

  • Super Rush Processing: 24 hours

The Saudi Arabia e-Visa is a Multiple Entry visa and has a validity of 1 year after issued. Its expiration date will be specified in your e-Visa once it’s issued. Although your entry to Saudi Arabia can be at any time of the 365 days of validity, your total stay can not exceed 90 days in Total.
Your travel document has to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival. Also, your passport should have at least one page available for stamping.
The Saudi Arabia e-Visa allows holders Multiple Entry.
The traveler must apply for this visa at least 24 hours before the trip to Saudi Arabia.
Yes, the eVisa can be used on Albatha land port through Dubai and King Fahad bridge through Bahrain.
NO. Possession of an electronic visa for Saudi Arabia does not provide automatic right of entry for the holder into the Country. The Immigration Officer at the port of entry may refuse entry to any person, if he is considers that such a person is unable to fulfil the immigration requirements or that such person's presence in Saudi Arabia would be contrary to national interests or security.
Upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, you need to present your passport along with your Saudi Arabia e-Visa, which must be printed.

Yellow Fever vaccine is recommended if traveling from a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.

More information in the following link:

The following is a list of countries eligible for the Saudi Arabia e-Visa:

  • Andorra

  • Australia

  • Austria

  • Belgium

  • Brunei

  • Bulgaria

  • Canada

  • China (including Taiwan and Macau)

  • Croatia

  • Cyprus

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Finland

  • France

  • Germany

  • Greece

  • Holland

  • Hungary

  • Iceland

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Japan

  • Kazakhstan

  • Latvia

  • Liechtenstein

  • Lithuania

  • Luxembourg

  • Malaysia

  • Malta

  • Monaco

  • Montenegro

  • New Zealand

  • Norway

  • Poland

  • Portugal

  • Romania

  • Russia

  • San Marino

  • Singapore

  • Slovakia

  • Slovenia

  • South Korea

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Switzerland

  • Ukraine

  • United Kingdom

  • United States

Saudi Arabia is a country located in the Middle East, and it occupies most of the Arabic Peninsula. It does not have the best-developed tourism section because of the many restrictions that are in place, but if you are planning a trip there, you will find some things to do.

Nevertheless, we must advise you right from the start that a trip to Saudi Arabia requires you to do your homework about their particular rules and customs. This is not the kind of country in which you can do as you please. As a country in which Islam is of the utmost importance, Sharia laws apply, and if you knowingly do something against it, you will be punished. You should never push your luck because even the smallest crime can get you a few months in prison.

For starters, we will give you some information about the entry requirements. Saudi Arabia used to have some of the strictest visa rules. However, that changed recently. As of 2019, the citizens of 52 countries are eligible for either an electronic visa or a visa on arrival. As long as you qualify for one of those, iVisa can help you get the travel document you need. The application process for the eVisa is entirely online, and you can get it within a few days with minimal effort.

The change came as a response to the oil prices taking a dive. As you may very well know, Saudi Arabia was an oil-dependent economy. And it still is, for the most part. That is why its government decided to enhance tourism as a means of increasing revenue. The electronic visa and the visa on arrival are supposed to help achieve that. All nationalities that qualify for either one of them are allowed to stay in Saudi Arabia for no more than 90 days.

If you are not eligible for an electronic visa or a visa on arrival, your only option is to go to the nearest Saudi Arabia embassy or consulate and submit a visa application there. It may take some time for it to be processed, but that is normal.

Keep in mind that Qatari citizens are banned from entering Saudi Arabia as a result of the severance of diplomatic ties in 2017. Qatari citizens could enter the country without a visa before that, but now they are allowed only for Haji. Also, Israeli citizens are not allowed even to transit through Saudi Arabia.

If you are planning to take a trip to Saudi Arabia, we recommend that you do not do so during the months of July and August. The temperatures during that period are unbearable, often surpassing 42 degrees Celsius. All those who live there leave the country if possible. The people who remain are very slow, and very little work gets done. During the winter, the temperatures are very comfortable, at around 21 degrees Celsius. During the night, the temperature can even drop below zero, and some snow may be present. It does not stay for long, though.

The official language in Saudi Arabia is Arabic. You should learn a few phrases to be able to get around. Some locals speak English, but not very well. The road signs, however, are displayed in both English and Arabic.

As for what you can see in Saudi Arabia, there are many places you can go, especially along the coastline. However, we would like to start by saying that if you are not a Muslim, the cities of Mecca and Medina are off-limits. They are holy cities reserved only for people of the Muslim faith. Other than that, it is recommended that you hire a professional tour guide.

If you are looking for something to do, keep in mind that activities are limited in Saudi Arabia. Alcohol is strictly forbidden, and so is loud music. People do not travel there for the nightlife. Desert excursions are popular with the locals, but it can be dangerous for tourists, especially women. Armed Bedouins are not to joke around with. If you go to Saudi Arabia’s red coast, you can enjoy scuba diving. It is quite popular among tourists. However, we must advise you to be extremely careful not to injure yourself. Hospitals are poorly equipped to handle scuba-related injuries or decompression sickness. In case you decide to go and explore the Red Sea, keep in mind that it is full of venomous fish and corals. But, as long as you are careful not to touch anything, you should be fine.

Amusement parks are also available, especially near malls and beaches. However, many of them are restricted to families only.

As far as food in Saudi Arabia is concerned, you may want to try the local cuisine. The national dish is Kabsa, which is orange or red-colored rice with lamb or chicken, and it is heavily spiced, but not with chili. It is very tasty.

The tap water is not drinkable, and during the summer it is incredibly hot. Bottled water and fruit juices are widely available. Please remember that alcohol is strictly forbidden, and you can get severely punished if you are caught with it.

One of the most important aspects to remember is that you must express a great deal of respect for Saudi Arabia’s culture when you go there. Religion is very important, and you must act accordingly. As a woman, you should dress conservatively. Nobody expects foreign women to dress just like the local women, but you should be covered as much as possible. Make sure to cover your legs and upper arms, and you should not wear anything with cleavage.

While in this department, we should probably mention that Saudi Arabia is one of the least friendly nations towards LGBTQ rights. If you are a part of this community, you should avoid this country altogether. Saudi Arabia punishes homosexuality with death. For the first offense, you can get a few months to life in prison, public flogging, and so on. Not to mention the vigilantes.

The bottom line is that you may actually enjoy a trip to Saudi Arabia, but only as long as you are willing to follow the rules. There are many of them, and you may find them a bit too much, but you know the saying, ‘when in Rome…’, right? As long as you don’t do anything to offend the Saudi Arabians and their culture, you should have a lovely stay.

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An e-Visa is an official document permitting entry into and travel within a certain country. The e-Visa is an alternative to visas issued at the ports of entry or visiting an embassy/consulate to obtain traditional paper visas. e-Visas are linked electronically to the traveler's passport.
Our service starts with information. You can use our up-to-date visa requirements tool to search if you need a travel visa. It's as simple as telling us where you are from and where you are going. Based on this information we will tell you how much the visa costs, the number of entries, the start date and give you an action step such as applying directly on our site!
The best place to find this information is our visa requirement tool. Each country has different entry rules and visa fees. If you are in a rush you can also apply online and the form will give you this information as well.
It depends on the country issuing the visa. For many countries such as Australia ETA and Turkey e-Visa, the process can be done in 15 minutes through our rush service. For other countries such as the India tourist Visa, the process usually takes 24 hours. The exact time can be found on each application form. What we guarantee is that your application with iVisa will be the fastest way to apply anywhere.
The documents must be printed on a sheet of blank A4 white paper. Double-side or reduced printing will not be accepted.
We help you get your travel visa in the simplest and fastest way possible. Through easy-to-use online application forms and world-class 24/7 customer service, we make the whole visa process quick and simple! We also use best practices when it comes to protecting your data and credit card.
iVisa offers two types of Visa: Electronic visas (e-Visas) and traditional paper visas, based on your destination. In addition, we also offer the following services/documents that are required by certain countries: ETA (electronic travel authorization), Tourist Cards, Visa on Arrival pre-registration/approval form, Tourist Invitation Letters, and Embassy Registration service.
  1. Select the country to which you are requesting the visa
  2. Select the type of visa and read the instructions carefully.
  3. Select Apply Now
  4. Fill in the application form
  5. Pay using a Visa Card, Mastercard or other debit card.
  6. Await approval via email, then download and print the e-Visa from your account.
  7. Present your printed e-Visa to the immigration officer at the port of entry.
Please note most countries offer the ability to process a travel visa without a service fee. The main reason we process thousands of travel visas per month is we save you time and frustration. Our service includes an easy to use website and application form. It is much easier to process your application with us especially for mobile users and large groups. We send all of our clients the visa days before travel. This is especially helpful for those passengers who purchase the visa months in advance. We also have a 24-hour customer service with professionals that are based in the United States and speak English. We accept multi-currencies and our website can be translated into over 20 languages. We believe our fee is worth your time and sanity but please note all governments do have their own "free" service.
If you have already applied on our site, please log in to your account and look for your order/application. An account is generated for you automatically after payment is received. Click the link in your confirmation email to set up a password or visit the log in page to set up the password and enter the account. Please note in most cases your visa will be delivered to you via email and can be found in your account after logging in.
This is a rare scenario. However, if your application gets rejected, we will issue you a full refund for the government fee and the processing fee under our 100% approval guarantee. This refund will be given via credit to be used for a future order. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service specialists will be more than glad to help you.
If we have not processed your visa, we can make changes without a problem. We do check your information for mistakes as well. If you have already processed your visa, If we have submitted your application to the appropriate government agencies, some will allow to make changes, while others do not. Please contact us immediately (preferably through chat) if you notice an error on your application.
Some countries may require proof of yellow fever vaccination if you are arriving from a country with risk of yellow fever. You can see more info here: It's the passenger´s own responsibility to verify these regulations before traveling to the chosen country.
In order to download your invoice, please log in to your account and download it directly from there.
You may reprint the e-Visa in your email account. Alternatively, you may retrieve and reprint the e-Visa by using your iVisa account.
Yes. The iVisa system does not retain your credit card information after the transaction is processed.
All visas grant travelers the permission to travel to a country's port of entry. Whether you are granted entry or not will be at the discretion of the Immigration Officer at the entry point.

We know that our applicants can come across unexpected changes in their travel plans that may prevent them from traveling and therefore getting their visa. This is why we understand you may want to request a cancellation of your visa application and a credit for the amount paid. However, we will only approve the refund/credit if it follows our Refund policy guideline:

  • If your application has not been reviewed by our team, nor submitted to the government for approval, then you will receive a credit for the full amount of the iVisa processing fee and government fee(visa cost).
  • If your application has been reviewed by our team but has not yet been submitted to the government for approval, you will receive a credit for the full amount of the government fee (visa cost).
  • If your application has been submitted to the government for approval or a visa is already issued, unfortunately, no credit is available.

Our policy also applies to these circumstances:

  • If we make a mistake on your application, a 100% refund of the iVisa processing fee will be issued and we will process your visa again at no cost.
  • If you purchase rush or super rush processing additional fee and we do not deliver the travel document within the agreed timeframe, you will receive a credit for the iVisa rush or super rush processing fee.
  • If you miss your trip because iVisa does not deliver the travel document within the agreed timeframe, you will receive a full cash refund for the government fee and iVisa processing fee.
    • The exception to the clause above is if the government is the cause of the delay or your arrival date was sooner than our super rush processing time. In such case, you will receive a credit for the iVisa processing fee.

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our services, please feel free to contact us. Under reasonable circumstances, we will grant a credit of the iVisa processing fee to be used for a future order.

When the visa has to be shipped to you, the processing times do not include this shipping time. It is from when we receive your application to obtaining the approval. Most visas (e-Visas) are sent via email upon approval so shipping times will not apply.
No, we are not affiliated with any government agencies. We are a private company that specializes in processing travel visas for travelers worldwide.

Because you simply deserve to get the most from your travel experience.

Now more than ever, the process of traveling has become a bit more complicated than what it used to be. As countries keep changing their regulations, paperwork keeps growing, and so do everyone’s stress levels.

For now, travel might feel different in several ways. People can expect to explore a world of face masks, social distancing, closed businesses, and 14-day quarantines.

Even so, firmly believes that traveling is one of the top ways to improve on personal and professional levels. Traveling makes you step out of your comfort zone and develop a sense of independence that will ultimately reflect on your decisions and the way you look at life in general. Traveling is indeed a form of education that can’t be learned by watching television or reading a book. It teaches important lessons and insights regarding cultures and traditions, touching the realms of history, economics, and geography and exposing you to different lifestyles and worldviews from your own. For life’s real education always happens outside your own four walls.

If you’re planning to travel soon, you’ve probably googled whether borders are open, which papers you need to present, and where you have to go to obtain that inescapable travel document. Whether it’s an electronic visa or health declaration, your travel date is coming, and you still don’t know when you’ll spare the time to complete those lengthy steps and be done with the whole process.

As a multicultural visa expert team, we understand how frustrating this is, especially when you’re trying to plan the trip of your dreams, choosing a hotel that you can afford to make ends meet, prepare reachable trip goals, and list the places you could realistically visit this year just to stay inspired.

Sometimes too much paperwork becomes an obstacle to the realization of your dreams, and that’s where we come in.

We want you to go out and buy that plane ticket, so everything else turns out to be an incredible adventure. Just don’t overthink it and let us take care of the rest. No busy lines at the airport, no queues at the embassy. Just a five-minute questionnaire that you can fill out from the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world.

Your time is priceless, and so are the experiences you’re able to create when there’s enough of it. The reason to choose to process your travel document rests on that, but also on safety, speed, and simplicity.


Our tourist-friendly application process is fast and easy to fill out, making dealing with foreign governments a breeze. Clear instructions guide you every step of the way, and our team of immigration experts thoroughly reviews all documents before submitting them to the corresponding authorities.

Should you have any questions or doubts, both our call and message centers are ready to help you 24/7, so you can fully enjoy your trip and forget about the worries and frustrations of applying for a visa.


Depending on how quickly you need your travel document, you can select one of three processing options. However, some documents are available within hours, depending on the requirements. We will let you know right away if there are any issues with your application that require you to provide or adjust any further information, so we can issue your travel document as soon as possible.


When it comes to safety, we maintain the highest standards. Our top-notch data centers and innovative methods to secure our customer accounts and information mean you never have to worry about your sensitive information getting lost or falling into the wrong hands.

Our years of experience at processing travel documents have translated into thousands of positive reviews from satisfied users all over the globe, making one of the most trusted independent travel agencies for helping you obtain the travel documents you need to make your trip a success. So, why pay to process your travel documents then? To understand why time, distance, and valuable experiences are the secret ingredients of a more fulfilling life, which cannot be attained by sitting at home.

Experiences define you. It is from experiences that you learn and change. Traveling will provide you with plenty that will open your mind and help you adapt to any situation.

Make the most out of your time and turn it into travel experiences by processing your electronic documents with You won’t regret it.

Unfortunately, we are not able to, since the government agencies do not inform us of the reason(s) behind the decisions.
If your visa is not approved, we advise that you contact the nearest embassy/consulate for more information on what your options are.
We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and PayPal.
All citizens from these territories applying through our website will have their application processed with the nationality/citizenship specified in their passport. As an example, a traveler from Puerto Rico will have their request processed as USA nationality. This does not apply to the travelers under the BOTC (British Overseas Territories Citizen) category according to the British Overseas Territories Act of 2002.
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