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Saudi Arabia Covid 19 entry requirements

Saudi Arabia Covid 19 entry requirements
iVisa | Updated on Mar 15, 2023

The Saudi Arabian government has opened its borders to international travelers. However, there are entry requirements related to the Covid pandemic that you must follow. The Saudia Arabia Arrival Registration form is no longer necessary to fill out before traveling to the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a vaccination needed to enter the country?

No, Saudi Arabia is no longer requesting travelers to have a vaccination certificate to enter the country.

Do I need a COVID vaccine or vaccination certificate to enter Saudi Arabia?

No, you don't; COVID vaccination certificates are not mandatory to enter Saudi Arabia at this time.

For more information on up-to-date Saudi safety, vaccination status, and requirements, please check with your country's embassy or consulate.

Do I need a negative COVID-19 test result to enter Saudi Arabia?

There are no testing requirements.

Will I have to quarantine when I get to Saudi Arabia?

There are no quarantine requirements.

What is the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration, and how do I apply?

You no longer need to apply for the Arrival Registration before entering Saudi Arabia.

Can I rely on iVisa.com?

Of course! We have been working with travel requirements for years. See our reviews section for customer feedback.

Where can I find more information?

Reach out to our customer care agents, who are available 24 hours a day.

iVisa.com is the ideal partner for your trip to Saudi Arabia.

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