How to get a Singapore Tourist Visa

iVisa | Updated on Oct 02, 2022

Singapore is one of the many countries that have adopted the electronic visa and some nationalities are eligible to get a Singapore visa online. However, you need to check your eligibility first. You can use the Visa Checker. You should know that 35 nationalities in the world can travel to Singapore visa-free, while only 15 are eligible for a Singapore eVisa. The Visa Checker will let you know in which category you are. Select your nationality on the left drag-down menu and choose Singapore on the right menu. The result will tell you what you need to know.

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What are the requirements?

An online application does not involve as much hassle as when you go to a consulate. In fact, iVisa asks very little of you if you choose to apply online. Below you will find a list of the requirements.

  • Valid passport – all applicants must have a passport that does not expire for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Singapore.

  • Photo – you must submit a digital photo of yourself. Make sure that the picture is as recent as possible. Preferably taken in the last three months.

  • Return/onward flight ticket.

  • Proof of subsistence – all tourists who arrive in Singapore must hold proof of sufficient funds

  • E-mail address – when you apply online with iVisa, you will be sent the confirmation of your approved visa via e-mail in PDF format. Remember to print it out,

  • Means of payment – an online application process involves an online payment as well. You must have a credit/debit card, but you can also pay using PayPal.

The application process

Once you have everything you need for an online application, you must move on to the next step, which is the application form. iVisa has a simple and straightforward form, and you should not spend more than 20 minutes completing it. The form consists of three simple steps.

  1. Fill in the blanks of the form with your personal data. In this first section you must also choose the type of processing time for your Singapore eVisa. The prices shown below have their respective processing days. Here are your options:

    • Standard processing – we work on your application in 24 hours, and it costs USD $38.99.

    • Rush processing – this time, you will get your Singapore eVisa in only 4 hours, but you will be charged USD $64.99.

    • Super Rush processing – your application is processed within 30 minutes, and you must pay USD $116.99.

  2. Once you are finished with step one, you can move to step two, which consists of payment and revision. Keep in mind that you should not underestimate the revision. An error can invalidate your visa and make you repeat the process. Double-Check the accuracy of the information you provide, as well as the spelling.

  3. The last step is reserved for document upload. iVisa asks you to provide some necessary documents to get the process started. The list of additional documents can differ from person to person since personal circumstances can vary. Once you have completed everything mentioned in these steps, you only need to click on ''submit'' and that's it! From that moment on, we will work on your Singapore eVisa until it is approved. You will only have to wait for our mail which we will send you the status of your visa and progressively the approved visa in PDF format.

Getting a Singapore tourist visa online is easy with iVisa. The document you receive via email is valid for 30 days after issued or until passport expires. You can stay up to 14 days Per Entry in Singapore, and you are granted a Single Entry.

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