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Singapore visa for Indian citizens

Singapore visa for Indian citizens
iVisa | Updated on Jul 01, 2019

According to the visa policy of Singapore, the citizens of 15 countries qualify for a Singapore eVisa, and India is on that list too. That means that as an Indian citizen, you can travel to Singapore with a print-out visa and stay there for up to 30 days. Below, you will find more information about Singapore eVisa and how to book a hotel while in Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have an Indian passport, do I need a visa to visit Singapore?

Yes, Indian visitors are required to apply for a Singapore eVisa.

For the moment, iVisa does not provide this type of eVisa. But you can always check your eligibility for an eVisa here. Just select your nationality and the country of destination and information will unfold in seconds.

What is a Singapore eVisa?

The Singapore eVisa is an official document permitting entry into and travel within Singapore and is electronically linked to your passport.

What are the documents required to apply?

We require the following to submit your application:

  • Valid passport.

  • A photo taken in the last 3 months.

  • Information about your occupation.

  • Your confirmed travel dates.

  • Accommodation information.

  • Information regarding your academic/professional background.

What are the processing times and prices?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore offers the price of 30.00 USD for the visa fee. However, the price can vary depending on the processing times and if you choose another agency.

How does the Singapore eVisa work?

The Singapore eVisa is issued electronically by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Singapore Government.

Travelers, travel agents, airlines and specialist service providers around the world can use the Singapore eVisa system to process an eVisa, just entering the applicant's information into the Singapore eVisa system and the government checks it out.

Do I need to get a Singapore eVisa for my kids too?

Yes. All foreign citizens wishing to travel to Singapore require a visa, even kids.

Do I need a Singapore eVisa if I am in transit through Singapore?

If you will NOT leave the transit lounge at the airport while in Singapore, then you are not required to have an eVisa. Otherwise, if you wish to leave the airport, then you HAVE TO apply for a Singapore eVisa.

How can I book accommodation in Singapore?

Booking accommodation in Singapore now is really easy, you can do it online from the comfort of your house. It is better to book before traveling to Singapore since it is a requirement to apply to the eVisa.

Boutique accommodations on the fringe of the city can be enjoyed at The Daulat, a stylish property just 5 minutes' walk from Little India MRT Station. You can check facilities, testimonials and book online here.

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Surely you can see that a Singapore eVisa for Indian citizens is easy to obtain. The process is short and straightforward. The document you receive grants you multiple entries, and you can stay in Singapore for 90 days per entry.

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