Slovakia ETIAS for Citizens of Macao: Get yours today

Slovakia ETIAS for Citizens of Macao: Get yours today

iVisa | Updated on Dec 02, 2021

With a central location surrounded by wonderful countries, Slovakia has the beauty, history, and culture to enchant anyone who visits this land. The country may have been generally overlooked by tourists in the past, but if you visit Slovakia, you will surely fall in love with everything the country has to offer.

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If you want to give it a try, it is important to know that by 2022, a new authorization system will come into effect. So everyone who wishes to visit the countries of the Schengen area, among which is Slovakia, must have.

If you want to apply for the ETIAS, you can do it with’s service, where our agents will take care of the application for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the Slovakia ETIAS as a citizen of Macao?

You will need it by the end of 2022. As a citizen of Macao, you are privileged in the sense that you don’t need a visa to visit the Schengen zone nations, which includes Slovakia. However, you will need the Slovakia ETIAS for Citizens of Macao, a new authorization system to move within these countries, which starts in 2022 and will be mandatory in 2023.

How many times can I visit the Schengen nations?

You can visit the Schengen zone states as many times as you wish, as long as your ETIAS is valid. Remember that you cannot stay for more than 90 days in 180 days.

Will my ETIAS expire in a year?

The ETIAS is valid for either three years or until your passport expires, whichever happens first.

How can I apply for the Slovakia ETIAS?

To apply for the ETIAS, you should only take a few minutes to follow the process step by step. When you apply with, the process is faster and easier, with only three initial requirements. These are:

  • Your valid travel document.
  • Make the payment for the authorization with a credit or debit card or through Paypal.
  • Personal email.

How long will it take to get my ETIAS, is it pricey?

That depends on the processing time you choose. In general, applying shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. Waiting for the ETIAS is the most time-intensive part. That's why at, we offer three processing times, so you can choose how soon you want to receive your authorization, based on different prices.

  • Standard It may take a couple of days, but its price is quite cheap.
  • Rush Probably takes half the time of the standard, although the price is higher as a result.
  • Super rush It is almost instantaneous since you can get the authorization on the same day of the application. Because of its speed, it is the most expensive.

How can help me get my ETIAS?

With, the process will be handled by professionals who have extensive knowledge in matters of visas, permits, and electronic authorizations. It means that your application will be carried out with agility and attention to every detail to ensure its success.

There are three steps to start the process with our team.

  • First step: Fill out the questionnaire here with your information, and choose your processing time.
  • Second step: Confirm that the data you wrote down is correct and proceed to pay for the services.
  • Third step: Send your questionnaire with the requested documents and wait for the email with your approved ETIAS. Remember that you will receive the ETIAS based on the processing time you preferred.

Is the platform safe?

Yes. Our platform has the latest updates to be at the forefront of technological security, which helps us keep your information well protected. Our team is also focused on ensuring your privacy. If you want more information, you can contact us directly or read the reviews of other clients.

What if I need more answers?

You are welcome on our website, where you can read our blog, find more products and services, read other frequently asked question blogs, or contact one of our customer service advisors in case you want to talk to anyone in our team directly by chat.