Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Tonga

Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Tonga

iVisa | Updated on Dec 04, 2021

Slovakia is unlike the islands in the Pacific in that the mountains in the country more often than not are capped with snow due to the latitude and the fact that it is a landlocked nation in a big continent. This is the reason why many Tongans choose to visit Slovakia and other Schengen countries. Tongan citizens, like those from 61 other countries, enjoy visa-free entry into Schengen member states. While this means it’s much easier for citizens of Tonga and the other visa-free countries to visit the region, it can potentially result in harmful situations like the terrorist incidents of the past two decades.

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This is the main reason why the leaders of the region’s member states came up with the idea to supplement their security and border management protocols currently in place with a system that can gather data about travelers who are visa-exempt and use that data to assess the potential risk of allowing the visitor to enter Schengen member nations. This new system is the ETIAS, or the European Travel Information and Authorization System which is set to go online in 2022, and can produce the Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Tonga.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reason for the creation of the ETIAS?

Countries with visa waiver agreements with the Schengen countries make it easier for their citizens to get in since they will not be required to get a visa if they want to enter the region. That means there is no way for the immigration officials of the host nation to be aware of them, much less to vet them, before they are actually in front of these immigration people at the border or at the airport. The Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Tonga improves security protocols by giving the authorities in the region the opportunity to assess the risks brought by the Tongan traveler before they are allowed entry.

I am a Tongan. How long can I use the ETIAS?

The Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Tonga has a maximum validity period of three years. However, a feature of this authorization is the fact that it is linked to the passport used in its application. This means that if the passport expires before the three years are up, the authorization becomes invalid as well.

Can I stay for more than a month using the ETIAS?

The Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Tonga is like the Unified Schengen visa: it also follows the 90/180-day rule. This means that the holder of the ETIAS authorization can stay in the Schengen Zone for a total of 90 days within a period of 180 days. You can also use it to enter the region for, theoretically, as many times as you want. However, you may not exceed the 90/180-day rule since that could result in the revocation of the authorization.

Who are the travelers who are required to get an ETIAS?

All citizens of the 62 visa-free countries need to have the ETIAS before they go on a trip to the Schengen Zone. The policy will be implemented regardless of the traveler’s age so whether it is your infant son or your senior grandmother, they will be expected to obtain the Slovakia ETIAS for citizens of Tonga before they enter the zone.

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