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| Updated on Jan 12, 2018

Sri Lanka Visa for UK Citizens

While UK citizens can enjoy travel to several countries with just a passport, there are many countries that will require the additional use of a visa for entry. This is true regardless of whether they are entering for tourism, medical, business, or other purposes. It can be difficult to find out current and accurate information regarding visas for travel to Sri Lanka. That is why we have compiled this list of answers to frequently asked questions regarding visas and the visa application process for UK citizens wishing to travel to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka


Do UK Passport Holders Need a Visa to Enter Sri Lanka?

UK citizens do need a passport to enter Sri Lanka regardless of whether they are entering for tourism or other purposes. Tourists that are entering Sri Lanka will be able to stay for 30 days and will have a double entry with one valid visa. This visa will remain valid for up to 180 days after the start date. However, tourists can apply for up to a three-month extension in the country at the Sri Lankan Department of Immigration & Emigration for an additional fee. However, there are no guarantees that this request for an extension will be approved.

Sri Lanka Visa for UK Citizens Fees and Costs

The standard cost for a Sri Lanka visa is £40 for a visa granting a 30-day stay in the country.

Sri Lanka Visa for UK Citizens Requirements

To ensure that one receives their application they will need to meet several requirements. Among these requirements are having two passport-quality photographs available for the visa. Additionally, applicants must have a UK passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of travel to Sri Lanka. iVisa can help with the application process and ensure that you meet all the requirements necessary for the initial application, speeding along the process and making it much more efficient to get your visa overall.

Sri Lanka Visa for UK Citizens Application Form

The application form for a Sri Lanka visa can be found at the Sri Lanka ETA. UK citizens can also apply for their visa using the simple system found at iVisa.

How to Obtain a Sri Lanka Visa

You can obtain a Sri Lanka visa by using the Sri Lanka ETA or by applying through iVisa for a quick, easy, and efficient experience. Individuals who acquire a Sri Lanka visa through iVisa can receive their visa in as little as thirty minutes.


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Apply for a Sri Lanka Visa

Click here to apply for a Sri Lanka visa.

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