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| Updated on Nov 2, 2018

Sri Lanka Visa for U.S. Citizens

For US citizens, it is important to have accurate and up-to-date information regarding the need for a visa for international travel. While there are many countries that do not require the use of a visa, many other countries do require US citizens to have a visa to enter and exit their countries.

If you plan to travel to Sri Lanka for any reason, whether as a tourist, a student, for business or any other reason, knowing whether you will need a visa is important for expediting your trip and ensuring you do not see any setbacks in your journey. Here is a complete listing of answers to frequently asked questions US citizens may have about getting a visa for travel to Sri Lanka.

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Do US Passport Holders Need a Visa to Enter Sri Lanka?

Citizens of most countries, including the United States, will need a visa for entry into Sri Lanka. Upon receipt of this visa, you will be able to stay for up to 30 days, although you can apply for an extension at the Sri Lanka Department of Immigration & Emigration for an additional fee. This visa also allows for double entry and will not expire for 180 days after its first use. It is important to take note of the many requirements that are necessary to obtain this visa for easy entry into the country.

Sri Lanka Visa for US Citizens Fees and Costs

The fee for a Sri Lanka visa for US citizens is $35 for a standard 30-day visa with double entry and $40 for a Bussines 30-day multiple entry.

Sri Lanka Visa for US Citizens Requirements

Among the requirements necessary for US citizens visiting Sri Lanka are proof of sufficient funds for one’s stay in the country. Additionally, if arriving from an infected area or having traveled through an infected area in the preceding nine days, the individual must have been vaccinated for Yellow Fever. Any foreign currency over $15,000 must also be declared at the point of entry. Individuals arriving on a tourist visa are restricted to “tourist” activities, which include sightseeing, medical tourism, participation in sporting activities, and cultural activities. Those who are uncertain what activities count under a tourist visa should be aware of this information before their entry into the country or be at risk of deportation.

Sri Lanka Visa for US Citizens Application Form

The visa application is available at the Sri Lanka ETA or can be found online at iVisa.

How to Obtain a Sri Lanka Visa

An individual can obtain a Sri Lanka visa by applying through the Sri Lanka ETA, or they can apply through the easy to use system available at iVisa. Applying through iVisa reduces bureaucratic involvement and ensures that someone is available to help you through the process. This can help guarantee the success of your visa application.


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Is it true that the Govt of Srilanka is going to allow Indians and Chines with out collecting visa fee from September 2018?
rajaiah sivakumar (117 days ago)
Dear Rajaiah. By the moment, The Sri Lanka tourist visa for Indian passport holders is 20 USD and for Chinese passport holders is 35 USD.
iVisa Support (116 days ago)