Everything about the future Sri Lanka transit visa application

iVisa | Updated on May 25, 2022

As you may very well know, a Sri Lanka transit visa is available online for all those who travel to a destination and have a connecting flight in this country. What you need to remember is that the document is not necessary if you do not plan to leave the airport.

iVisa, while it can provide assistance with the application process for many visas, cannot facilitate the application process for a transit visa for Sri Lanka. However, that will change in the near future, and we want to inform you that soon enough we will be able to help you get your Sri Lanka transit visa as fast as possible.

One thing that most people are concerned about is the Sri Lanka visa application process. To be more precise, it is the form. After all, forms are not the easiest parts you must confront when you want to apply for a visa. You will not have to worry about it when you will be able to apply with iVisa, though.

iVisa has in store for you a short and simple application form. You will not spend more than 20 minutes to complete it, and if you require some help along the way, iVisa’s support service will be available 24/7 and free of charge. You will be able to contact a consultant via online chat or phone.

The application form iVisa prepares for you will consist of three steps. The first one will cover your general information such as name, address, phone number, and other identification details. Passport information and details about your trip will also be necessary. At the same time, step one will be the moment in which you must select a processing time for your application. It will determine how soon you get your visa, as well as its cost. iVisa will present you with three options: Standard, Rush, and Super Rush.

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose the fees per every processing time. Not yet, anyway. Since the Sri Lanka transit visa is not live at the moment, we still have some details to put in place. What we can tell you is that iVisa has affordable fees for all its visa application processes. This one will make no difference.

The second step of the application form will require you to revise your form and make the payment. When it comes to revision, you need to make sure that your application does not contain any errors that can lead to an invalid visa. Keep in mind that you cannot make corrections after your application reaches processing, so it is better if you read your form carefully before you submit it.

Step number three will ask you to upload the documents that support your application. For example, you will be required to upload a scan of your passport’s bio page. If additional documentation is necessary, you will be notified. As soon as you are done with that part as well, you are free to submit your Sri Lanka transit visa application and iVisa will take it from there.

What you need to remember from all the information above is that iVisa has always managed to provide smooth and fast visa application processes, and the Sri Lanka transit visa application will be no different. Everything will happen online so that your effort is minimal.

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