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If you're a South Korean Citizen, you'll need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka for tourism or business purposes. However, there's great news for you: you don't need to go to the nearest Sri Lankan consulate to get a visa. Instead, you are eligible for an Electronic Travel Authorization or ETA, which means that you can apply online for a Sri Lanka eVisa. iVisa can help you get the document in as little as 12 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

I'm from South Korea, Do I need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka?

More than a visa, what you need to have is an ETA, which is easier to get.

What is a Sri Lanka Tourist ETA?

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is an official document that allows you to travel to Sri Lanka for tourism or business purposes. It depends on the type of ETA you prefer.

How long can I stay in Sri Lanka with an ETA?

With your ETA, you can stay in Sri Lanka 30 days in Total.

What are the requirements?

One of the first things you have to do is to make sure that you can provide iVisa with everything necessary to get the process started. Fortunately, the online application process is not as demanding as the one at the embassy. You only need the following:

  • Valid passport – to get a Sri Lanka ETA, you must get a valid passport that stays valid for at least 6 months from the arrival date in Sri Lanka.

  • Digital photo – You have to ensure that the picture is as recent as possible and that it follows all the guidelines for a passport photo.

  • Valid e-mail address – iVisa will send you the ETA via e-mail in PDF format, which is why you have to offer a valid e-mail address. Do not forget to print out a physical copy before you leave.

  • Means of payment – during the application process, you will be asked to make the payment. iVisa allows you to pay with credit or debit cards, but you can use PayPal as well.

How long can I use this eVisa?

This Sri Lanka ETA expires 30 days after arrival, so you can use it just for that period. However, don't forget that you can stay in Sri Lanka for 30 days in Total.

What are the processing times and prices?

Remember that each processing time has a different cost. In iVisa you have three alternatives and you can choose one of them in order to complete the process. Your options are the following:

  • Standard processing – this is the cheapest and slowest option. Your application is ready within 3 days, and it costs USD $130.08.

  • Rush processing – this time, your Sri Lanka ETA arrives in only 24 hours, but you will have to pay USD $183.08.

  • Super Rush processing – it only takes 12 hours for your application to be processed. As you can imagine, the fee is higher. USD $256.08 being precise.

The fees above apply to the Sri Lanka Tourist ETA. If you want to apply for a Sri Lanka Business ETA, the prices are different and you can check them on this page.

How long does it take to apply for this Sri Lanka eVisa?

To apply for a Sri Lanka ETA is very easy and that's why it shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes

How can I apply?

When you consider yourself ready, you can move forward with the process and fill in the application form. This process is not at all challenging, but if you experience difficulties, do not hesitate to contact iVisa’s customer service. It is available non-stop and entirely free of charge.

The form you have to fill in consists of three simple steps:

  1. Step number one asks you to provide your personal information, as well as passport info and travel details. You also have to select a visa type and a processing timeframe for your application, which will determine the cost of your Sri Lanka ETA.

  2. Step number two asks you to make the payment and review your form to ensure it doesn't contain inaccurate information.

  3. The third step requires you to offer other necessary documents to support your application. When you are finished, you can send your form, and iVisa will take care of the rest.

What is important to remember from all this is that the online process of acquiring a Sri Lanka ETA is not complicated at all. You can start your online process here.

How many times can I enter Sri Lanka with a Tourist ETA?

Your Tourist ETA has Double Entry. You have the same amount of entries with a Business ETA.

Do I need to get separate Tourist ETAs for my kids?

It depends on their age, consider that children under 12 years old are exempt from paying the ETA.

Can I apply for my family or friends?

As long as you have access to their information, you can complete their application form.

Do I need to print a copy of the Sri Lanka Tourist ETA?

Your ETA is electronically linked to your passport, but we still recommend to print this confirmation and keep a copy of it with your passport.

How does the Sri Lanka ETA look like?

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I still have some unresolved questions, where can I find more information?

If you still have doubts, click here to start talking to one of our customer service agents. On the other hand, you can also find more info and FAQs here.

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