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iVisa | Updated on Aug 25, 2023

One of the requirements you need to meet whenever you apply for a Sri Lanka visa is to present a photo of yourself.

Many people concern themselves with the guidelines that picture must follow, and rightfully so. You would be surprised how many people have their visa applications rejected due to an inadequate photo.

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As far as the Sri Lanka visa photo size is concerned, it depends on where you apply for your visa. If you choose the services of a diplomatic mission, then yes, size matters.

The photograph must measure 2 by 2 inches, as well as follow all the other guidelines for a passport photo. However, things are different when you apply online. Since you provide the picture online, size is not an issue. A digital photo, just like the one iVisa requires, must meet many other requirements, but the size is not one of them. Unless, of course, we are referring to its size in kB so that you can upload it.

Additional requirements for a Sri Lanka visa photo

As mentioned above, when it comes to visa photos, there is more than one requirement. There is a set of rules in place that your picture must follow. Below, you will find a list of those rules.

  • The photo must be recent – whenever you are asked to present a photo of yourself, make sure that it is as recent as possible. The general rule is that the photo must be taken in the last 6 months, although some visa policies ask that it is taken in the last 3 months. If you want to apply for a Sri Lanka visa, a picture captured in the last 6 months will suffice.

  • The photo must be taken against a white background – white provides the best contrast when it comes to pictures. A white background will make your facial features stand out, which is what you want. Any other background color may result in a rejected visa application.

  • No glasses – even if you do not see well without glasses, you need to take them off when you have your photo taken. After all, it is not you who must see during the process. The reason behind this rule is that the flash of the camera will reflect in your glasses, and that ends up in glares. The glare makes a visa photo unacceptable.

  • No headwear – when you have your picture taken, make sure to lose the hat or the scarf. However, there is one exception. If your religious beliefs do not allow you to have your head uncovered, you are allowed to maintain your head covered. Nevertheless, your face still needs to be perfectly visible. Even with the scarf, your visa photo must contain your face from the bottom of your chin to the top of your forehead.

  • No face gestures – you may look better with a smile on your face, but you cannot smile in your visa picture. In fact, you are not allowed to make any facial gestures. Neutral facial expression is what you must adopt.

The bottom line is that a Sri Lanka visa photo size matters only when you apply at the consulate. When you apply online, not so much. Nevertheless, all the guidelines above must be met disregarding where you get your Sri Lanka visa from.

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