Taiwan visa for Bahraini

Taiwan visa for Bahraini

iVisa | Updated on Aug 15, 2021

As of January 2016, Taiwan has agreed to the release of electronic visas for the citizens of 23 countries. The list of nationals who have this opportunity expanded once in October that year, and chances are that it will grow again. Until then, you should check your eligibility if you wish to travel to Taiwan. In order to do that, you can use the Visa Checker on iVisa’s website. Insert your nationality as Bahraini, choose Taiwan as your destination, and you will know in just a second if you qualify for a Taiwan evisa or not. If you do qualify, you will also the find clear instructions on how to apply online.

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What documents Bahraini need?

Services like iVisa have been created to spare Bahraini of all the bureaucracy involved in acquiring a visa. iVisa proved thousands of times that it can help travelers all over the world, and there is no reason you cannot try its services as well. However, Bahraini needs to provide a few things to help them get started. The most essential requirement is a valid passport. All travelers, no matter where they are from, need to have a passport. At the same time, depending on the case, you may also be required to present the following:

  • Proof of accommodation – you may be asked to provide a hotel confirmation or a letter from a host in Taiwan.

  • Invitation letter – if you go to Taiwan for business purposes, you may have received an invitation letter, but that is not always applicable.

  • Bank statement – many countries will ask for proof that you can provide for yourself while in the country, and Taiwan is one of them.

  • Return flight ticket

  • Copies of your passport’s main page

  • Digital passport sized photo

Immigration officers may or may not request to see the things on the list above. It is a case-by-case kind of situation. However, to prevent any unpleasant circumstances, it is best for Bahraini to have them on you just in case.

Taiwan evisa – the application form

One other requirement for Bahraini to get visa is to fill in an online application. Even so, the form is easy to comprehend, and in the event of you needing any help with it, iVisa provides an excellent support service that is available 24/7.

The form has three steps for you to complete. The first one will ask you to fill in your basic information. That part is easy, and it should take you only five minutes. Also, it is at this point when Bahraini needs to choose the type of your visa, single or double entry, and the processing time. The former does not come with extra fees, but the latter will affect your Taiwan visa cost. iVisa gives you three options:

  • Standard processing – if you have plenty of time before your departure, then there is no point in choosing another option. This one will have your application processed within 7 business days. As for the cost, you will be charged $79.

  • Rush processing – this option will shorten the waiting period a bit. Your Taiwan evisa will be in your e-mail inbox within 5 business days, but it costs a bit more than the previous option. You will be charged $109.

  • Super Rush processing – if you have an emergency and need your visa as soon as possible, then this is the best option you have. iVisa will send you your Taiwan evisa in just 3 business days. However, as you may expect, this option is more expensive. It costs $129.

The second stage of the application will ask you to take a quick look at what you wrote in step one and make the payment. You can do that using a credit or a debit card. Also, if you have a Paypal account, iVisa accepts that too.

Last but not least, the third step will ask Bahraini to upload additional documents. That too is on a case-by-case basis. You may be asked more or fewer documents than anyone else, depending on your circumstance. For instance, Bahraini traveling with minors will be asked more documents than people going alone.

As you can observe, it is simple to apply online. The document you receive is valid for 90 days, and it will allow you a 30-day stay in Taiwan. As for the entries, Bahraini can enter the country once or twice, depending on your choice you made on the application.