Tajikistan visa on arrival cost

Tajikistan visa on arrival cost
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

If you are planning to go to Tajikistan anytime soon, you may be eligible for a Tajikistan visa on arrival. You need to check this information before you leave, but since there are 71 countries whose citizens qualify for such a document, your chances are pretty high. Use the internet to find out which nationalities can get a visa on arrival, and if you find yours on that list, you can get the document if you plan to land on Dushanbe International Airport. If not, you could always apply online for an electronic visa.

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One of the primary concerns when it comes to this is the Tajikistan visa on arrival cost. You do not want to get to a foreign country just to find out that you must spend a lot of cash on your visa, especially when there are other alternatives. However, a Tajikistan visa on arrival is not expensive. In fact, it costs only $40. You need to pay the fee at the service counter at the airport, and you can only pay in US dollars using cash.

Is the alternative more costly?

The best alternative to a Tajikistan visa on arrival is the electronic visa. You need to apply for it before your departure, but we actually recommend it. That way you can enter the country using whichever point of entry you want, and you do not have to stand in line to get your visa. You can apply day or night, and the visa can arrive in as little as 15 minutes via e-mail.

As for the cost of a Tajikistan e-visa, it depends on two factors: the visa type and the processing time. Both of them determine the price. You can choose from three processing times:

  • Standard processing time – your application is processed within just 1 business day, and the fee is $70.

  • Rush processing time – you will receive a copy of your electronic visa within 2 hours, and the cost is $100.

  • Super Rush processing time – the processing lasts only 15 minutes, but you will be charged $120.

At the same time, there are two visa types: the one that allows you to cross the border and the one that will enable you to enter Gorno-Badakhshan. The latter visa type costs $20 more for every processing time, so you end up paying $90, $120, and $140 respectively.

As you can see, the cost of a Tajikistan electronic visa is higher, but you need to take into consideration the fact that you have more benefits. For one, there is no line you need to stand in. You can apply day or night, and iVisa provides support service 24/7 should you require it. Plus, you get to be done with the documentation before you leave for Tajikistan, which offers some peace of mind.

The bottom line is that the Tajikistan visa on arrival cost is not high and you can obtain it relatively easy. However, we consider that if you apply online for an electronic visa, you have more to gain. Yes, you spend some extra money but you have more flexibility and that is worth something, don’t you think?

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