Tanzania Visa for Citizens of Slovenia

Tanzania Visa for Citizens of Slovenia

iVisa | Updated on Feb 17, 2021

Are you from Slovenia and about to travel to Tanzania? Then, you will need to obtain a visa online to get into the country. We have single-entry visas and multiple-entry visas are available for citizens of Slovenia, and our Tourist e-Visa is a great option for tourists.


In November 2018, Tanzania started processing e-Visas so travelers could save money while planning trips to Tanzania or Zanzibar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Tanzania Visa

Do I need a valid passport to enter Tanzania?

All Slovenian citizens must have a valid Slovenian passport that will not expire for at least 180 days, or six months, from the time you depart Tanzania in order to obtain a Tourist e-Visa.

How long can I stay in Tanzania with a visa?

For Slovenian citizens, whether you want a Tourist e-Visa or a multiple-entry visa, the maximum stay length is 90 days Per Entry. A multiple-entry visa remains valid for 1 year from arrival, but you need to leave Tanzania at least every 90 days and re-enter. This means you may not stay the entire year without leaving.

How many times can I enter Tanzania with a visa?

Our Tourist e-Visa allows Multiple Entry.

What is the cost and processing time of a visa application?

iVisa truly understands that you want an e-Visa as soon as possible, so instead of waiting in long lines at the embassy or consulate, apply for your e-Visa now. There are three types of processing times and rates for Slovenian travelers. These three options are:

  • Standard processing - Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 10 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.
  • Rush processing - Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 7 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.
  • Super Rush processing - Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 5 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

What documents do I need to apply for a visa online?

The online application visa process for Slovenian travelers to Tanzania is easy to fill out. Please, have the following documents and information by your side for when you apply for your Tourist e-Visa online:

  • Valid Passport - Your valid Slovenian passport must have a minimum of six months validity from your departure date from Tanzania.
  • Flight Departure Ticket - You have to show Tanzanian Immigration Officials upon arrival that you have a ticket of departure that falls within the 90 days Per Entry you are allowed in the country.
  • Passport Scan - You will need to scan and upload a copy of your passport for your online e-Visa application, and you will need to carry two recent passport photos to enter Tanzania.
  • Email Address - After processing, your Tourist e-Visa will be sent to a working email address you provide in your visa application.
  • Yellow Fever Certificate - If you are from or passing through a country with a risk for yellow fever virus transmission, you will need to show this certificate to the Immigration Officer when you land in Tanzania.
  • Payment Method - We take various credit and debit card types like Visa and American Express. iVisa also accepts PayPal as a valid payment method.

How long is my Tourist e-Visa valid for?

From the date of your application, your e-Visa will be valid for 1 year after arrival.

Quick and Secure Tanzania Visa Application for Slovenians

iVisa knows you want a speedy, secure online visa application process. Join the thousands of satisfied iVisa clients who travel the world thanks to our easy-to-use online service. Have a fulfilling trip to Tanzania.

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