Tanzania Visa for Panama Citizens

Tanzania Visa for Panama Citizens

iVisa | Updated on Dec 27, 2020

If you are a Panama national and want to vacation in Tanzania, you will need to obtain a visa online at least a week before flying or crossing the border into Tanzania. Single-entry visas and multiple-entry visas are possible for citizens of Panama.


In November 2018, Tanzania began processing e-Visas so tourists could save money and effort while planning trips to Tanzania or Zanzibar Island.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Tanzania Visa

Do I need a valid passport to enter Tanzania?

Yes, a valid passport is required. All Panama nationals must have a valid Panama passport that will remain valid for at least six months from the time you will leave Tanzania in order to obtain a Tourist e-Visa.

How long can I stay in Tanzania with a visa?

Whether you want a Tourist e-Visa or a multiple-entry visa, the maximum stay for Panama citizens is 90 days Per Entry. A multiple-entry visa remains valid for 1 year from arrival, but you need to leave Tanzania at least every 90 days and re-enter. This means you cannot stay 365 consecutive days without leaving at least twice and re-entering.

How many times can I enter Tanzania with a visa?

The Tourist e-Visa allows Multiple Entry.

What is the cost and processing time of a visa application?

iVisa understands you may need an e-Visa fast, so instead of waiting at the embassy or consulate, apply for your e-Visa now. There are three processing times and rates for Panama nationals to choose from. These three options are:

  • Standard processing - Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 10 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.
  • Rush processing - Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 7 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.
  • Super Rush processing - Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 5 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

What documents do I need to apply for a visa online?

The online application visa process for Panama travelers to Tanzania is easy. Have the following documents and information with you when you apply for the online Tourist e-Visa:

  • Valid Passport - Your valid Panama passport must have a minimum of six months validity from your departure date from Tanzania.
  • Flight Itinerary - You have to present to Tanzania Immigration Officials upon arrival that you have a ticket of departure that falls within the 90 days Per Entry you are allowed in the country.
  • Passport Scan - You will need to upload a copy of your passport bio page for your e-Visa application, and you will need to possess two recent passport photos to enter Tanzania.
  • Email Address - After processing, your Tourist e-Visa will be sent to a working email address you provide in your visa application.
  • Yellow Fever Certificate - If you are from or passing through a country with a risk for yellow fever virus transmission, you will need to show this certificate to the Immigration Officer when you land in Tanzania.
  • Payment Method - We take many credit and debit cards such as Visa and American Express. iVisa also accepts PayPal as a valid payment method.

How long is my Tourist e-Visa valid for?

From the date of your application, your e-Visa will be valid for 1 year after arrival.

Fast and Secure Tanzania Visa Application for Panamanians

iVisa realizes you will always want a faster, secure online visa application process. Join the thousands of satisfied iVisa travelers. We hope you have a safe and wonderful vacation in Tanzania.

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