Tanzania Volunteer e-Visa for Citizens of Ireland

Tanzania Volunteer e-Visa for Citizens of Ireland

iVisa | Updated on Feb 27, 2020

Any citizen of Ireland who wants to go to Tanzania must be granted a visa to enter the country. And if you want to spend your time working for an organization, you'll need to focus on obtaining what's known as a humanitarian visa.


The Tanzanian Volunteer e-Visa is the best solution. It will encourage you to work for the NGO of your choosing, and what's best about an electronic visa is the fact that it can be secured by submitting an online application rather than traveling to the consulate or embassy in person.

The Volunteer Tanzania e-Visa: What You Must Know Before Traveling

With the volunteer visa, how many times will I be able to enter Tanzania?

Each visa type has a specific number of times you may enter Tanzania while holding the visa. The Tanzania Volunteer e-Visa allows you Single Entry to the country.

How many days am I allowed to stay and volunteer in Tanzania with this visa?

You are allowed to volunteer in Tanzania with this e-Visa for up to 90 days Per Entry.

What’s the expiration date for the Tanzania Volunteer e-Visa?

If you do not use your visa before the expiration date, you will not be able to enter Tanzania. The volunteer visa for Tanzania will expire 90 days after arrival so be sure to use it before then.

What does iVisa require for the electronic visa application for volunteers?

To get the Volunteer e-Visa for Tanzania you will need to have:

  • A Passport Details Page - Upload a scanned copy of your passport details page in order for us to process your application.
  • Invitation Letter - You will need proof that you were invited to volunteer by providing a letter from the NGO or non-profit for which you will be volunteering.
  • An Applicant Photo - Make sure your submitted passport photo is clear and follows the general guidelines - no face coverings or black and white photos allowed.
  • A Return Ticket - You will need to show proof that you are leaving Tanzania before your e-Visa expires.
  • NGO Registration Certificates - Your volunteer organization should be able to provide you with certificates showing they are registered to do volunteer work in Tanzania.

Why do I need to get this specific visa if I am volunteering in Tanzania?

When considering which visa to get, you must realize that there are different types of visas. So, when you purchase a Tanzania Volunteer e-Visa it means you can only use that e-Visa to go to Tanzania for volunteer work with an NGO - not for school, work, nor tourism.

How much do I have to pay to get my volunteer e-Visa for Tanzania online?

  • Standard: USD 80.00
  • Rush: USD 105.00
  • Super Rush: USD 135.00

When will I get my visa once I submit my application?

We now offer three processing speeds so you can choose how fast you want your visa application to be processed:

  • Standard Processing takes 15 Business Days to process the application.
  • Rush Processing takes 13 Business Days to process the application.
  • Super Rush Processing takes 10 Business Days to process the application.

Get an Application Today for a Tanzania Volunteer e-Visa - Ireland Residents

Irish residents are now able to get the Tanzania Volunteer e-Visa online. This specific type of visa is what you need to get into the country and do the volunteer work you signed up for. Be sure you get this specific visa so you are not denied entry into the country.

Are you still uncertain about your travel or visa status? Need more information? We have representatives available 24/7 to assist you with answers to all of your pressing queries.

Be careful in your travels, and thank you for helping the people of the world.

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