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Thailand visa for Taiwanese citizens (Visa on Arrival)

Thailand visa for Taiwanese citizens (Visa on Arrival)
iVisa | Updated on Aug 24, 2019

Taiwanese citizens, along with the citizens of other 20 countries, are eligible for a Thailand visa on arrival. As a consequence, they are not required to go to a Thai embassy to get their visa. They can get it when they get to Thailand at one of the 48 immigration checkpoints that release such a document. Also, as a Taiwanese, you can apply online for a Thailand visa on arrival, but only if you plan to travel by plane and land at Suvarnabhumi airport. iVisa can help you get the proper documentation in as little as 15 minutes.

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Do I need any documents?

The answer is definitely yes. Any application process requires proper documentation. However, there is nothing out of the ordinary. iVisa will handle everything as long as you do your part. Here is what you need to provide:

  • Passport – acquiring a passport is simple for most travelers, and if you already have one, take a look at the expiry date. The passport needs to keep its status as valid for at least another 30 days from your date of arrival to Thailand.

  • Return flight ticket – you need to submit a confirmed return flight ticket that proves your return within a 15-day period.

  • Proof of accommodation – you need to submit a hotel booking confirmation or a signed letter from a host that says you have where to live during your trip to Thailand.

  • Valid email address – once you apply on iVisa, they will send you an application form that you need to fill in before your trip. You will get it via email, which is why you need to ensure that the address you provide is valid. Check the spelling as well.

  • Means of payment – when you apply online, you must pay iVisa for its services. You can make the payment using a credit or a debit card. iVisa takes PayPal as well.

Is it difficult to apply?

Not at all. iVisa provides a straightforward application form that you should complete in 10 minutes. If you are having trouble understanding it, which is not likely, you can call iVisa’s support service 24/7.

There are two stages you need to go through. The first one consists of personal information and some info on your trip. You must also choose how much time it is going to take for your application to be processed. iVisa gives you three options:

  1. Standard processing – people who use the online application system usually select this option because it is the least expensive. You will be charged $20, and your application takes 1 business day to be processed.

  2. Rush processing – this option shortens the waiting time to only 2 hours. The cost, though, is a bit higher. This option costs $50.

  3. Super Rush processing – this is the fastest option you can find. It costs $70, but your application is processed in as little as 15 minutes.

The second step will ask you to make the payment and revise every piece of information you provided in step one. The revision is essential because errors are impossible to correct once the application is processed. If you make mistakes, you may have to go through the process again.

Keep in mind that the visa itself needs to be paid once you arrive in Thailand. It costs 2000 THB ($65) and you must pay it in Thai currency. Then you get your stamp, and you are free to go. No standing in line, no hassle.

It is easy to see that a Thailand visa for Taiwanese citizens is easy to obtain. iVisa is helpful throughout the entire process - you will save a lot of time and energy.

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