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The Togo Traveller Declaration is an online document that all visitors are required to complete before traveling to Togo. By having this document on hand, the health authorities can have better control of foreigners entering the country in case of emergency.

Apply for your Togo Traveller Declaration here.

All foreign travelers and citizens of Togo coming back to the country have to fill in this form before arrival.

Get started here.

If you want to apply for the Togo Traveller Declaration, you’ll have to offer some information about your health status and your trip to this country. You’ll also need a COVID-19 PCR test within 5 days before departure. Fully vaccinated travelers and children under 12 are exempted from testing requirements.

Check our application page to complete the Togo Traveller Declaration.

After you complete the application request, we’ll forward the Togo Traveller Declaration to your email address before you travel.

Check the FAQs below to view quarantine rules for Togo.

Required Documents to Apply
  • Medical proof of COVID-19 vaccination (if applicable)

  • Togo's Visa (if applicable)

Important Instructions
  • Unvaccinated passengers aged 12 and over must show proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 5 days prior to the departure to Togo.

  • The Togo Traveller Declaration DOES NOT replace a visa. If your country requires a visa, the immigration officers will ask for your Visa when you enter the country. Keep in mind some nationalities will require a paper visa. If that is your case, we suggest you contact your local embassy.

  • In the event of testing positive for coronavirus (COVID19), travelers have to bear all costs related to treatment and quarantine.

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If you need any help with your travel document application, please contact our customer service team. We are available 24/7 to help you resolve any issues that may arise during the process.

We recommend that you contact our experts as soon as possible so that we can continue with the process and you can enjoy your trip on time.

If your travel document application is rejected or canceled by the government, we will refund the iVisa processing fee related to that application. Otherwise, we do not refund government fees.

To request a refund, please email [email protected] with the registered account's email address. In addition, include your order number and why you request a refund.

Consider applying for the Togo Traveler Declaration Form again, depending on the reason for your previous application's cancellation or rejection.

If your Togo Traveler Declaration Form still needs to be processed by us, our iVisa experts can make any changes without any problems. Usually, this should not happen, as we check your information for errors before sending it for processing.

However, if the application has already been submitted, the change in the information will depend on the government agency. Some will allow changes, and some will not. This will depend a lot on the flexibility of the country where you submit the application.

Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately, preferably via chat.

Please check your spam folder if you don't see the confirmation email in your inbox. If it's not there and you still can't find it, please contact the iVisa experts by chat so we can resend the confirmation email.

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