Turkey visa for Afghan

Turkey visa for Afghan

iVisa | Updated on May 10, 2021

Turkey has become a popular destination for Afghanistan citizens. In 2019, there were over 70,000 arrivals from Afghanistan, and numbers keep increasing. Turkey has so much to offer, from taking an air balloon tour in Cappadocia to exploring the ancient ruins of Ephesus. Turkey is full of history and unique experiences waiting for you!

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Afghanistan citizens must feel confident when visiting Turkey as they only need a visa that is available online. Also, you don’t have to worry because iVisa.com is here to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Turkey visa?

Since 2013, Turkey has implemented an electronic system to issue visas for international visitors. Now, travelers can obtain the Turkey visa before traveling and then show it upon arrival for a smooth entry.

The application is 100% online, and you only need 10 minutes to complete it. Begin your application here.

I’m an Afghanistan citizen. Do I need a Turkey visa?

Yes! Afghanistan is among the countries eligible to apply for a Turkey visa. Still, remember that the Turkey electronic visa is for people traveling for tourism or business purposes. In case you have other reasons to enter Turkey, you may need another type of visa.

Ready to start your visa process? Explore the application page.

What is the validity of the Turkey visa?

Afghanistan citizens can use the Turkey visa for 180 days after arrival. However, they can only stay in Turkey for 30 days in Total, and the document is valid for a Single Entry.

What documents do I need to start the process?

Afghanistan citizens must complete the [application] with personal information and get the next items:

  • Passport, your travel document must be valid for at least 6-months after your arrival in Turkey.
  • Email address, to receive the final documentation.
  • Payment methods, iVisa.com allows two options for payment, choose between a credit/debit card or a Paypal account.
  • Supporting documents, Afghanistan citizens must have a visa or residence permit from the Schengen Countries, USA, UK, or Ireland. Electronic visas from these countries are not valid. Not all nationalities are requested these supporting documents, so check the application page and confirm if your nationality needs them.

Also, visitors must prove they have a return ticket, a reservation in a hotel, and at least USD 50 per day for expenses in Turkey.

What are the processing times and prices?

iVisa.com offers three alternatives to process your Turkey visa:

  • Standard option, wait 24 hours to acquire the Turkey visa for a USD 86.50 fee.
  • Rush option, you need the Turkey visa right away? Pay USD 106.50 to obtain the visa in just 4 hours.
  • Super Rush option, your trip is around the corner, and you need the Turkey visa now. Pay USD 126.50 and get it in 30 minutes.

What is the Turkey visa procedure?

Afghanistan citizens only need to follow the next three steps:

  • Fill out the online application and select a processing time.
  • Review your information and confirm everything is correct. Pick a payment method, whether pay with Paypal or a credit/debit card.
  • Upload the supporting documents required.

Do you have any doubts? Contact our incredible support team.

How will I receive the Turkey visa?

iVisa.com will request a valid email address during the application, so Afghanistan nationals can receive the Turkey visa in their email inbox. Once you receive the document, print it, and have it with you when entering Turkey.

I’m only transiting through Turkey, do I need a Turkey visa?

If you stay in the international transit area at the airport, you don’t need to apply for a Turkey visa. In case you arrive at a seaport, you can visit the nearby cities for a maximum of 72 hours without a visa.

How safe is iVisa.com?

100% safe! iVisa.com works with electronic visas for a while now and had excellent results for travelers all around the world. iVisa.com has enough expertise to work on your Turkey visa requirement.

Explore further what our previous customers have to say about iVisa.com here.

I have some questions, where can I find more information?

Go straight to the application page, where we have displayed more details about the Turkey visa. As well, you can contact our support agents, who are available 24/7. We can guide you through the Turkey visa process.

Afghanistan citizens can trust iVisa.com with their Turkey visa!

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