Turkey visa for Bahraini

Turkey visa for Bahraini

iVisa | Updated on Sep 22, 2021

Turkey is a fantastical land and if you are a citizen of Bahrain hoping to take a trip there, there's news for you! Bahrain is among the 90 countries around the world eligible to apply for a Turkey visa for Bahraini (eVisa).

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Bahrain citizens only need to complete an online application for a Turkey visa for Bahraini a few days before the date of departure. It is a mandatory document for all Bahrainis to have this document and iVisa.com recommends applying for it in advance to avoid any last-minute hiccups. Apply in Advance

Frequently Asked Questions

For how long is the Turkey visa for Bahraini valid?

The Turkey visa for Bahraini (eVisa) can be applied for way in advance of the trip but it is only allowed for tourism purposes. That is why it remains valid for no more than 180 days from the day of arrival.

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How long can I stay in Turkey with my Turkey visa for Bahraini?

The Turkey visa for Bahraini strictly allows Bahrainis Multiple Entries and a stay of up to 30 days , per entry, in Turkey. In case you want a longer stay, apply for other types of visas.

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What are the restrictions due to coronavirus?

For the safety of residents as well tourists, the Turkish Government has implemented certain restrictions on travel that can be seen below.

  • All passengers arriving must present a negative PCR test result taken in the last 72 hours prior to arrival in Turkey
  • All vaccinated passengers are allowed without quarantine.
  • All Flights from Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, India, Nepal or Sri Lanka are suspended until further notice.
  • Passengers who have been in Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, India, Nepal or Sri Lanka in the last 14 days in addition to the negative test.
  • Passengers arriving from Afghanistan and Pakistan and passengers who have been to these countries in the last 14 days are required to stay under quarantine for 10 days.
  • All passengers entering Turkey must have a Travel Entry Form.

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What documents should I gather to apply for the Turkey visa for Bahraini?

To apply for a Turkey visa for Bahraini via **iVisa.com, you will need to enter your name, date of birth, nationality in addition to the following documents :

  • An original Bahraini passport valid for at least 1 month when entering Turkey with two blank pages available for stamping.
  • Two passport-style photos with white background. iVisa.com experts analyze your photos to make them government compliant and avoid delays in your application.
  • A fully paid return ticket to Algeria or to an onward destination for a date before the Thai eVOA expires.
  • A proof of address where the applicant will stay in Turkey.
  • A proof of sufficient funds to last the duration of the trip.
  • A valid e-mail id where you can reserve updates on your application.
  • A payment method i.e., a debit/credit card or PayPal.

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What are the fees to apply for the Turkey visa for Bahraini?

iVisa.com likes to give its customers enough options. To obtain your Turkey visa for Bahraini you have three effective options to choose from :

  • Standard Processing that gets you your visa at a very low cost and at an ideal time. USD 103.00 - 24 hours
  • Rush Processing Option that gets you your visa faster but requires you to pay a higher price. USD 123.00 - 4 hours
  • Super Rush Processing Option that gets you your visa immediately at added costs. USD 143.00 - 30 minutes

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Is it safe to apply for an E-visa for Turkey via iVisa.com?

It is natural for people to hesitate while sharing their personal details. But iVisa.com offers high-end security that disables all third-party interferences. At iVisa.com your personal details are safe with us.

Where could I find more information?

We take pride in our productive customer care service which will always be ready to help you. Ask questions anytime, from anywhere and they will help you with all your queries about Turkey visa for Bahraini.

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