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How to get a Uganda visa for UK citizens

How to get a Uganda visa for UK citizens
iVisa | Updated on Aug 02, 2019

As of July 2016, all travelers, except for the ones from visa-exempt countries, can apply for a Uganda e-visa, and the citizens of the UK make no exception. The process is completely online, you do not have to go anywhere, and you can get your visa in as little as 48 hours. All of that is made possible by iVisa, a visa expediting company that has thousands of satisfied customers all over the world. All your effort consists of providing some information and documents, and iVisa will take care of the rest.

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What are the requirements?

As mentioned before, iVisa asks very little of you, and once you do your part, the service will take things further and get you your Uganda visa. Here is what you need to provide:

  • Passport –applicants must have a valid passport, and the document needs to remain valid for at least another 6 months from your date of arrival in Uganda.

  • Copy of your passport’s information page.

  • A passport-sized photo – as recent as possible, white background, no face gestures.

  • Vaccination certificate for Yellow fever – if you are not vaccinated against Yellow fever, you will be subjected to vaccination when you arrive in Uganda. Some quarantine measures may be taken as well.

If you want a transit visa, you also need to present a letter with the reason for transit and destination, and if you apply for an East Africa visa, you will be required to have a return flight ticket and an itinerary.

Uganda visa for UK citizens – visa type, processing time, and fees

iVisa takes great pride in the fact that it can provide excellent service at affordable prices. Furthermore, you have a say in how much you end up paying. The cost of your visa depends on the visa type you choose, as well as on the processing time you select. As for the latter, here are your options:

  • Standard processing time – your application form is processed within 6 days, and the price is USD 86.50.

  • Rush processing time –your visa will be ready within 4 days, and you need to pay USD 116.50.

  • Super Rush processing time – this is the fastest option. It costs you USD 151.50, and your visa application is processed within just 48 hours.

As for the visa type, it affects the price only as long as you apply for an East Africa visa because that is the one a little bit more expensive. You will be charged 6 days, 4 days, and 48 hours, respectively.

The application form

You do not have to be concerned about the application form. iVisa designed one of the most comprehensive and accessible forms you will ever have to complete. It has three simple steps, and you should be done with it in 15 minutes. iVisa can help 24/7. The first step is all about your personal information, but you need to choose the visa type and processing time as well. The second asks you to make the payment and revise step one, and the last step will ask you to upload some additional documents, depending on your particular case. After you are done, you submit the application and wait for the visa to arrive via e-mail in PDF format.

As you can see, getting a Uganda visa for UK citizens has never been simpler. You do not have to go to an embassy, you can apply from home day or night, and there is no hassle whatsoever. It cannot get any better than that.

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