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Is a Uganda visa on arrival for Indians available?

Is a Uganda visa on arrival for Indians available?
iVisa | Updated on Jul 25, 2019

Many countries in the world allow the release of visas on arrival for all those travelers who did not get a visa at the embassy or online. While Uganda was one of those countries, as of July 2016, the government decided to replace the visa on arrival with the electronic visa. Indian citizens could get a visa on arrival from the Entebbe International Airport and at a few land border checkpoints, but that is no longer available. Even in the period before the adoption of the electronic visa, the service for visas on arrival was not very efficient, and delays occurred quite often. Today, however, a Uganda visa on arrival for Indians is no longer a valid option.

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What is the alternative?

All Indian travelers can now apply online for a Uganda e-visa. The service is provided by iVisa, a visa expediting company that will make the application process smooth sailing for you. The process is entirely online, and it should not take more than 15 minutes of your time. In case you need any help with your application, iVisa provides excellent support service which can be contacted 24/7.

What are the requirements?

First of all, Indian citizens are eligible for a Uganda e-visa. All you need to is to provide some information and some documents for iVisa, and they will take it from there. There is no hassle, and you are not going to have to handle any bureaucracy whatsoever. They will do all the heavy lifting. Here is what you need:

  • Passport – all travelers must have a passport, and it must maintain its validity for at least another 6 months from your date of arrival in Uganda
  • Copy of your passport’s info page
  • A passport-sized photo – as recent as possible
  • Vaccination certificate for Yellow fever – if you are not vaccinated for Yellow fever, you will be subjected to immunization when you arrive in Uganda. Some quarantine measures can be taken as well. Children under 5 years old must be vaccinated for polio.

The bullet points above apply for a Uganda Tourist Visa. If you need a transit visa, you must also have a letter that declares your reason for transit and the destination. An East Africa visa requires a return flight ticket and an itinerary.

Is the application process difficult?

The short answer is not at all. iVisa designed one of the most accessible application forms you will have ever completed. The online form consists of three simple steps. The first one requires you to fill in your personal information and some travel details. You must also choose a processing time and a visa type. Keep in mind that your selection determines the cost of your visa. The faster you want it, the more you pay.

The second step will ask you to make a quick revision of the information you provided in step one. This is very important since corrections cannot be made after the application has reached processing. You must also make the payment using one of the means accepted by iVisa. You can use credit/debit cards or Paypal. No embassy will grant you this.

The last step will ask you to upload additional documents, but since this is a case-by-case sort of thing, you will be notified about what you need to upload. After you are done, iVisa will handle the application and get you your visa. The document will arrive via e-mail in the timeframe you choose. The bottom line is that you cannot get a Uganda visa on arrival for Indians anymore, but you have a much better alternative. iVisa has come up with this simple and efficient application form so that you can enjoy your time doing anything other than handling a tedious bureaucratic process.

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