Uganda visa requirements for South African citizens

Uganda visa requirements for South African citizens

iVisa | Updated on May 28, 2020

The citizens of South Africa are eligible for a Uganda e-visa, which means that if you are from South Africa, you can apply online and save yourself the trouble of going to a Ugandan diplomatic mission to get a visa. Instead, you can use iVisa and get your visa online. The process is straightforward, entirely online, and the requirements are almost effortless to meet. You will need just 15 minutes of your time, and the Uganda visa can be yours in as little as 2 Business Days. iVisa will help you with this process so you can have a stress free trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Uganda Electronic Visa?

This is an official document that permits citizens, from foreign countries, to enter Uganda. For Uganda there are 3 types of e-Visa, Tourist, Transit and East Africa.

What are the requirements for a Uganda Visa as a South African citizen?

  • Passport: This is the first thing you need to get from the list of requirements. It needs to be a valid passport. Furthermore, the passport needs to maintain its validity for another 6 months from the date of arrival. If you don't hold a valid passport you risk having your application denied. That would mean you will have to repeat the process after you renew your passport.

  • Vaccination certificate: It should confirm that you have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever. If you fail to comply, when you arrive in Uganda, you will be obligated to vaccination. If you refuse such thing, it will put you on a plane back. However, you can avoid all this trouble by getting to a hospital before your flight and ask for a vaccine for Yellow Fever.

  • Passport-size photograph of yourself. The photo needs to be as recent as possible.

  • Other requirements may apply as well, but the ones that are already mentioned are the most important.

What other requirements are needed for the different e-visas?

If you choose to apply online for a Uganda eVisa, depending on which visa you apply for you might need other documents.

  • For the tourist visa, the requirements are the ones mention above. You need to make a copy of the information page of your passport, but that is pretty much it.

  • When you apply for a Uganda transit visa, along with the things mentioned above, you will also need a letter that states the reason for transit and where is your final destination.

  • Lastly, the East Africa Visa requires you to have the itinerary and a return flight ticket.

What are the processing times and prices for the Uganda e-Visa?

If you apply online for this visa, you have three options. Here is what we offer:

  • Standard: This is the most selected choice because it is the cheapest. It costs USD 86.50, and your application is ready within 6 Business Days.

  • Rush: Here you wait just 4 Business Days, and for that you will be charged USD 116.50.

  • Super Rush: With this premium option you have your visa in just 2 Business Days, for the velocity, you will be charged USD 151.50.

These fees are for the Uganda Tourist e-Visa, in case you decide to apply for the other e-visas the prices may vary. You can check here the different visas and their prices.

How can I apply for this visa online?

You should know that the application process give to you by iVisa is quite simple. For your convenience, iVisa offers a two-step process that you should do within 10 minutes if not less. But in case you need any assistance, you can call iVisa’s support service 24/7.

These are the steps you have to follow:

  1. The first step is to provide your personal information like name, address and passport info. You must also choose a processing time mention above.

  2. The second step is all about the payment and revision. Before you submit your application, make sure that all the information you provide is 100% correct. We cannot change any data after the form has submitted.

How many times can I enter Uganda with the e-Visas?

This also depends on the type of visa. If you choose the tourist e-Visa, you have Single Entry, like the Transit e-Visa. But if you apply for the East Africa Visa you will have Multiple Entry available.

Where can I find more information about Uganda e-Visas?

In case you want to know more details about this inquiry, then you can check this page. You can also contact our customer service representatives if you rather have something more personalized.

You can probably notice, the Uganda visa requirements for South Africa citizens do not impose any challenges. You can get them without trouble. Once you meet all of them, you can use iVisa and apply for your Uganda visa online. The effort is close to the minimum, it takes just a few minutes, and iVisa provides the smoothest application process along with an excellent support service that is available 24/7.

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