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| Updated on Nov 2, 2018

What are the Uganda visa requirements?

One of the first concerns people have when they want to apply for a visa is whether or not they meet the requirements. When it comes to getting a Uganda visa, you will be pleased to know that the requirements are easy to meet. All you need is a valid passport, you need to get yourself vaccinated against Yellow fever, a photo of yourself, and a few other things that depend on which type of visa you apply for. The Uganda visa requirements also depend on where you apply. For example, if you apply online, you need other things crossed off a list, but there is nothing out of the ordinary.

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The first thing you need to cross off the list of requirements is the passport. This is a general requirement that applies to all people who want a visa, no matter the destination. All applicants who wish to obtain a Uganda visa need to have a valid passport. Furthermore, the passport needs to maintain its validity for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Uganda. If that condition is not met, you risk having your application denied. That would mean you must repeat the process after you renew your passport.

The second requirement that applies to you whether you get a Uganda visa at the embassy or online is that you need to have a vaccination certificate that confirms the fact you have been vaccinated against Yellow fever. If you fail to comply, when you arrive in Uganda, you will be subjected to mandatory vaccination. Your refusal will put you on a plane back to where you came from. At the same time, some quarantine measurements may be taken. However, you should avoid all this trouble by getting to a hospital before your flight and ask for a vaccine for Yellow fever.

Thirdly, you need a passport-size photograph of yourself. The photo will go on your visa if you go for a consular visa, or on your electronic visa in a database. The photo needs to be as recent as possible, and the other criteria that make a photo eligible are that it is taken on a white background, you do not make any face gesture while you have your picture taken, and you must not wear glasses. Other requirements may apply as well, but the ones that are already mentioned are the most important.

Uganda visa requirements when you apply online

If you choose to apply online for a Uganda e-visa, you must check some other things off the list. It depends on which visa you apply for. For the tourist visa, all the requirements mentioned above are enough. You need to make a copy of the information page, but that is pretty much it. When you apply for a Uganda transit visa, along with the things mentioned above, you also need a letter that states the reason for transit and the country of destination. Lastly, the East Africa Visa requires you to have an itinerary and a return flight ticket.

All in all, the Uganda visa requirements are nothing out of the ordinary. All the things on that list are easy to obtain, and it will not take you very long. Moreover, if you decide to apply online using iVisa, the process is even easier than you think. 15 minutes of your time is enough to get your visa in as little as 24 hours.

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