Uganda Visas for Algerian Citizens and The East Africa Visa
iVisa | Updated on Feb 04, 2020

Flying from Algeria to vacation in Uganda? If you plan on leaving the airport when you land, you will need an eVisa.

Here are three types of visas you may want to think about for your vacation to Uganda. Or, if you know what you want, grab your Uganda visa now.

For the ultimate experience, the East Africa visa is the best option as it gives you multiple-entry access to Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya.

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Uganda Visa Types for Algerians

As of June 2016, the Republic of Uganda started to issue e-Visas. When you arrive in Uganda as an Algerian citizen, you will need an eVisa, whether you are there for vacation or to visit your family or see friends.

Transit Visa

The transit visa allows Algerians a maximum of 3 days to explore Uganda. Those who have a long layover and want to experience Uganda for a couple of nights would enjoy this visa.

Without a transit visa, you will have to stay at the airport.

Tourist Visa

Want to enjoy Uganda longer than 72 hours? The Tourist eVisa is perfect for you. Note that business and university study are not permitted with this type of visa.

The tourist visa allows Algerians up to 90 days of entry and allows you one entry into Uganda.

Simply apply online with our secure and fast verification process to check off another to-do from your list.

East Africa Visa

Want the ultimate East Africa experience?

The East Africa Visa is the longest visa for Algerian tourists who want some more exploration time or more time with family. You get multiple-entry access to Uganda, and you can cross the borders of Kenya and Rwanda for up to 90 days.

Apply for Your Algeria Visa for Uganda Today

You do not have to wait at the consulate or embassy to process your visa anymore! Instead, apply for your East Africa eVisa today and explore Uganda with no problem!

Please, have following documents ready to apply now:

  • Valid passport - Make sure you have at least 6 months of time left on your current visa from the time you will arrive in Uganda.
  • A recent passport photo - Get your extra passport photo and scan it to upload with your application.
  • Travel plans and return ticket - The Republic of Uganda wants you to assure them that you are traveling to Uganda temporarily and that you will be leaving to go to your final destination.
  • Email address - We send visas through email so be sure to enter a valid one.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination - While not required by all countries, it is recommended to get the yellow fever vaccination before arriving in Africa.
  • Payment method - We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express as valid forms of online payment.

Our processing usually takes no longer than two business days, so let us help you travel to Uganda today!

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