Ukraine Visa for the citizens of Indonesia

Ukraine Visa for the citizens of Indonesia
iVisa | Updated on Mar 29, 2019

As an Indonesian, you should know that you qualify for an Ukraine e-visa if you ever plan to travel to Ukraine. That means you can apply online for the travel document, and iVisa can be of assistance. Nevertheless, we should probably tell you that if you have ever visited the regions of Crimea or Sevastopol, you are not eligible for an electronic visa.

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Ukraine Visa for the citizens of Indonesia – requirements

If there is one thing you need to do before accessing the application page is that you need to make sure you meet all the requirements. Lucky for you, they are easy to fulfill, and chances are that you already have some of the things you need. Here is what you must provide iVisa with:

  • Valid passport – all applicants who want a Ukraine e-visa must hold a passport that remains valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival. You also need to scan the document’s information page.
  • Digital passport photo – the picture has to be taken as recently as possible and meet all the other guidelines for a passport photo.
  • Means of sustenance – you need to prove that you can support yourself during your trip to Ukraine.
  • Overseas health insurance – the insurance must cover at least 30.000 Euros or its equivalent in your country’s currency.
  • Proof of purpose in Ukraine – you need to prove what you travel to Ukraine for tourism/business purposes, but we can help you with that document.
  • E-mail address – iVisa sends you your Ukraine visa via e-mail in PDF format. While it is linked to your passport electronically, you need to print out a physical copy. You will be asked to show it at the Ukrainian border.
  • Means of payment – the payment must be made online as well. iVisa accepts credit or debit cards, but you can also use PayPal, Alipay, or WeChat.

Ukraine Visa for the citizens of Indonesia – the online application form

The next thing you need to concern yourself with is the application form itself. Completing it should be an easy task but if you need some assistance, iVisa is ready to provide support 24/7. The service is free of charge.

The form you must complete has three easy steps. Step number one asks for your personal information, passport info, and a few details regarding your trip. You also need to pick a processing time for your application, and action that determines the price of your Ukraine visa. Your options are as follows:

  • Standard processing – this is the most extensive processing option you have at hand, but it is the cheapest. It costs $128 and you must wait 19 business days for your visa.
  • Rush processing – this time, your application is processed within 17 business days, and you are charged $153.
  • Super Rush processing – the fastest and the most expensive option will have your Ukraine visa ready in 15 business days, and you must pay $178 for it.

The fees and the processing time options are exactly the same for a Ukraine Business visa.

Moving on to step number two, you only need to handle the payment and review your form so that it does not contain any mistakes. The third step is the moment in which iVisa asks that you upload the supporting documents of your application. When that is done, you can submit the form, and your effort ends there.

As you can see, getting a Ukraine Visa for the citizens of Indonesia is incredibly convenient when you apply online. iVisa ensures a swift and straightforward application process. The visa you receive is valid for 30 days since issue, and you can stay in Ukraine for up to 30 days.

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