Looking for a Dubai visa for US citizens?

Looking for a Dubai visa for US citizens?

iVisa | Updated on Apr 08, 2020

Lots of people who want to go to Dubai live under the impression that they require a Dubai visa. However, that is not accurate since Dubai is only a part of the United Arab Emirates. So, if you are a US national who wishes to go to Dubai, you actually need a UAE visa for US citizens. Luckily for you, the United States is one of the countries whose citizens can apply online for their visas, and iVisa can help you go through a smooth process.

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What is it that you need?

Before throwing yourself at the application form, you must have everything that we need to start the process. However, you do not need much, just some items that are easy to obtain. Please find here the details of each one:

  • Passport – from the day you arrive in the UAE, your passport must have a minimum of 6-month validity. If your passport expires soon, renew it or extend the expiration date so that you can travel.

  • A passport scan – with a JPEG format.

  • Passport photo – A selfie would not work for this type of document. The standards that your photo must meet are a little more specific: no showing your teeth, having a white background or wall behind you, and not wearing anything that can cover any part of your face. A neutral or serious expression would be enough!

  • Valid email address – in the online application, you'll need to place a reference email. This email must be written correctly on the form, because that is where we will send you your visa.

  • Methods of payment – For applications you make online, a payment method will always be required. Luckily, we offer several options for you to pay: credit card, debit card or Paypal.

If you travel with children, each of them needs a visa too, which is why you must send us a copy of the passport, photo, and the birth certificate.

UAE visa for US citizens – the processing times and prices

You can choose one of the next options:

  • Standard processing – In 2 business days, we review and process your visa with the Government, all for a price of no more than $132 which includes the visa cost and service fee.

  • Rush processing – As little as 24 hours are needed to complete your visa order but with a slightly higher price of $162.

  • Super Rush processing – Recommended for cases of a hurry at the airport, this option allows you to obtain the document in only 2 hours but with a total charge of $192.

Hopefully, things are clearer now. To enter Dubai you need to have a UAE eVisa so you will be able to enter the country once with a limit of stay of 30 days.

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