How Citizens of The United States Can Enter the United Kingdom During Coronavirus

How Citizens of The United States Can Enter the United Kingdom During Coronavirus

iVisa | Updated on May 28, 2021

In June of 2020, the United Kingdom added and changed some rules affecting travelers arriving at UK borders. They were implemented right away and are in effect up to this day. One of the major rules that they implemented is the requirement for self-isolation. This rule applies to many travelers and may eat into the first 10 days of your visit to the UK so you need to learn how citizens of the United States can enter the United Kingdom during the coronavirus outbreak. We will talk about the more important questions so read on and find out what you need to do.

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How can citizens of the United States prepare to travel to the United Kingdom?

One of the rules that the British government is implementing strictly is the rule relating to self-isolation. It states that travelers coming from outside the CTA and from non-exempt countries will need to self-isolate for the first 10 days of their stay in the UK. Not all of them need to do this, however, so the first thing that Americans need to do before going to the UK is to verify whether they have to self-isolate or not. They might lose two weeks of their vacation to self-quarantine so this step is really quite important.

The United States is on the list of countries that are required to follow self-isolation protocols. This means that all travelers that have been in the United States within the last 10 days will be required to put themselves on quarantine in a place of their choosing.

This does not mean that all US citizens have to self-isolate. What the rule means is that if a US citizen has been to an exempt country and stayed there for 14 days at least before going to the UK, then he will not be required to undergo self-quarantine on arrival. But exempt or not, Americans may need to present a Health Declaration Form when they want to enter the UK.

What is the UK Passenger Locator Form and why do you need it?

Travelers need to present a document called the UK Passenger Locator Form to the government of the United Kingdom before their authorities will allow you to enter their borders. If a traveler from outside the CTA or Common Travel Area wants to enter the country, they will first have to fill out the form online and submit a copy of the confirmation email as proof. If the traveler is from the CTA and wants to travel to another location in the area, they won’t need to fill out the form.

The form will include information such as the traveler’s contact details, as well as the address where he will be spending his self-isolation if he needs to. The government of the United Kingdom will use the information in the form to communicate with the traveler if he or someone that he is traveling with is showing symptoms of the infection. It can also be used to verify if the traveler is correctly following self-isolation protocols. This way, the spread of the disease will be slowed down or stopped entirely.

There are some things that an American traveler needs to remember. Never fill out the form by hand, and never print it out. The form is meant to be filled out online within 48 hours of arrival into the UK so as not to cause delays.

What do I have to do once I arrive?

If you are a US citizen traveling to the UK, you need to present the confirmation email of your UK Passenger Locator Form to the authorities in the port of entry. You can show the printed copy of the form or, if that is uncomfortable for you, just the confirmation email on your phone will do. You may also need to present a Health Declaration Form with the email so you can enter the country.

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How can I get information?

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