UK Standard Visitor Visa for Citizens of the Ivory Coast (the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire)

UK Standard Visitor Visa for Citizens of the Ivory Coast (the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire)

iVisa | Updated on Mar 10, 2021

The United Kingdom is the home to some of the world's most interesting places and tourist attractions. For instance, it is the home of the town that has the longest name in the world and the oldest higher education institution in the UK, the University of Oxford. The United Kingdom is comprised of Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. It is also a trendsetter in the worldwide community of nations. Many words and works of literature that the rest of the English-speaking world uses have come from England. As a citizen of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, you will need to be approved for a visa before you are allowed to travel to the United Kingdom, per the UK's immigration policy that is currently in place.

Before you apply for your visa, make sure that you have a valid passport and that you know which visa you need to obtain for your travel purposes. For most travel purposes, you will be able to use the United Kingdom standard visitor visa. You can begin your applicationhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I need for the application?

What is the max stay allowed with this visa?

Currently, the United Kingdom allows a max stay of 186 days in Total for the standard visitor visa.

When Will My Standard Visitor Visa Expire?

Your visa will expire in 186 days after arrival.

What Processing Speeds Options Are Available to Me?

You are able to choose from three processing speeds for your standard visitor visa application:

  • Standard: 9 days
  • Rush: 7 days
  • Super Rush: 5 days

What are the fees and prices associated with this visa?

Pricing options for the visa application are based on the processing speeds they correspond to:

  • Standard: USD 170.00
  • Rush: USD 200.00
  • Super Rush: USD 220.00

Is Multiple Entry Allowed with the United Kingdom Standard Visitor Visa?

The current policy enforced by the UK allows Multiple Entry for the standard visitor visa.

Do I need to submit sponsor documents?

If you are visiting a close friend, family members, or business associates who are providing you with accommodation and financial support, you will need to obtain sponsor documents for your visa application. You will need: proof of accommodation and your sponsor's bank balance.

Can I use this visa to travel to the UK for business reasons?

You can use this visa for certain business reasons but not for all. For instance, you can use the standard visitor visa for conferences and seminars but you cannot use this visa to work in the UK. Each time you visit the UK, you will need to prove that you intend to leave at the end of your visit. This visa cannot be used for the purposes of living in the UK, to have access to public funds, or to marry. When you travel to the UK on business, you will need to provide an itinerary for your trip.

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