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UK Standard Visitor Visa: Prices, Costs, and Fees

iVisa | Updated on Sep 07, 2022

Money is always a factor when it comes to travel. But we've made it easy for you!

The total price you pay when you apply for your UK standard visitor visa online with iVisa will be primarily determined by the processing speed you choose. There are three options: standard, rush, and super rush.

Ready to start the application? Click here! Want more information? Keep reading! We've answered a few frequently asked questions to help you through the application process. Can't find the answer to the question you have? Use our 24-hour chat service!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Documents am I required to present with my application?

The application will ask you for various documents according to your travel intentions and other factors about your demographics:

  • Old travel documentation
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of employment
  • Proof of educational enrollment
  • business registration documents
  • Proof of intended business activities

If you are under the age of 18 and are traveling alone, you will need to also provide:

  • birth Certificate
  • A copy of your parent(s) or legal guardian's details page of their passport
  • written consent from legal guardian
  • contact details of legal guardian
  • the name and date of birth of the person you will be staying with
  • address of where you will be staying
  • details of your relationship to the person who'll be looking after you

If you are from North Korea, you will need to complete your application by mailing it in. Everyone else will need to complete an online application.

What are the time restrictions placed on visits to the UK for the Standard Visitor Visa?

Currently, the United Kingdom allows a max stay of online 180 days in Total for the standard visitor visa.

When Will My United Kingdom Standard Visitor Visa Expire?

Your visa will expire in 180 days after issued.

Please note that expired visas are not valid for identification purposes.

How Long Does Processing Take for the application?

The speed at which your visa application will be processed depends on the processing speed you choose:

  • Standard: 30 days
  • Rush: 30 days
  • Super Rush: 30 days

How Much Does the Standard Visitor Visa Cost?

The cost of your visa will depend on the processing speed of your application:

  • Standard: USD $178.99
  • Rush: USD $222.99
  • Super Rush: USD $273.99

Is Multiple Entry Allowed with the United Kingdom Standard Visitor Visa?

The current policy enforced by the UK allows Multiple Entry for the standard visitor visa.

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