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United Kingdom Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Citizens of Norway

iVisa | Updated on Sep 25, 2022

The United Kingdom will no longer be a part of the European Union after 2020. This means that outside travelers, like the citizens of Norway, will have to get what is known as a travel authorization in order to successfully enter the UK. The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) program is designed to make this process easier.

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Let's talk about what requirements will be necessary to receive an ETA as well as some potential documents and information you will need in order to fill out your online application.

The United Kingdom Electronic Travel Authorization | Applying, Restrictions, and More

  • NOTE: We will update this post to reflect the final decisions made by the UK government. Bookmark this page to come back and see the latest updates.

Do I need to get vaccinated to enter the UK?

It varies. Being tested for tuberculosis is usually standard if you plan to stay in the UK for 6 months or more. This usually applies to foreign citizens of Africa, some Slavic countries as well as a few Asian countries. Check with your local embassy for more information.

What exactly is the ETA program for the United Kingdom?

The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for the UK works as a visa and allows foreign nationals to enter the country legally. The ETA program will be developed so visitors can apply online for the ETA and set up the next steps in the process.

What is the entry limit using an ETA to get into the United Kingdom?

It is suspected that the ETA will be good for multiple entries. This means you will be able to enter and exit the United Kingdom as many times as you need before your ETA expires.

If my country is part of the European Economic Area program, will I still need an ETA?

If you are from one of the European Economic Area states, most likely you will not need to get an ETA in order to enter the United Kingdom. This is to allow economic competition and supply and demand to be met with neighboring countries.

What is the processing time of an application for a UK Electronic Travel Authorization?

It depends on your personal circumstances and reasons for traveling to the UK. Many current visa programs for the United Kingdom take around three weeks to process the applications, so be sure to apply early.

When will my ETA for the UK expire?

Your ETA for the United Kingdom will be valid to use until the Expiration Date that will be listed at the top of your travel authorization page.

What will be the price of the Electronic Travel Authorization?

It will vary based on your travel reasons, how long you want to stay, and your nationality. Most authorizations for travel cost between $0 USD and $150 USD.

The UK Electronic Travel Authorization Application for Norwegian Citizens

As soon as the United Kingdom government releases the online application for the ETA, iVisa will post it on our website for Norwegian citizens.

While you are waiting on the final application to be released, you can discover travel documents that you are eligible to get online now. We are dedicated to making visa and travel document applications as easy as possible.

Safe travel to you.

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