Passport Renewal in South Africa

Passport Renewal in South Africa

iVisa | Updated on Jun 26, 2020

US citizens who want to apply for a passport renewal in South Africa can mail their applications to the US Consulate General Johannesburg, the US Consulate General in Cape Town, or the US Consulate General in Durban. It depends on the region of South Africa you live in.

However, applying directly with the consulate can be stressful and bored, besides, it will take you too much time. For this reason, iVisa has designed a simple form to request your passport renewal in only ten minutes of your time, and also you can apply with us from the comfort of your home.

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Passport Renewal South Africa – Eligibility criteria

You qualify for a passport renewal if the following are true:

  • You are still in possession of your most recent passport
  • The passport is not damaged other than the normal ‘wear and tear.’ By damage, we understand discoloration, missing pages, mutilation, etc.
  • Your most recent passport was not issued more than 15 years ago.
  • You were at least 16 years old when the passport was issued.
  • The name on your passport is the same as your current name. Nevertheless, if you can prove your name change with a valid legal document, you are eligible for renewal.

If you notice that all the requirements above are met, you can proceed and get ready for the application process.

Passport Renewal South Africa – Requirements

Before you mail your application to the US Consulate General, you have to make sure that you have at hand all the supporting documents. Here is what you must submit to get a new passport:

  • Your most recent passport
  • A DS-82 form – if you want, you can fill it in online on the US Department of State website and then print it. Or, you can print the PDF and complete it by hand. Please remember to sign and date your form before sending it in.
  • One passport-sized photo – the US passport photo guidelines state that the picture must be 2 by 2 inches (51mm by 51mm), and the background must be white. You cannot appear wearing eyeglasses, and the photo should not be older than 6 months. For more US passport photo rules, please check out the US Department of State website.
  • If applicable, the document that confirms you changed your name – for instance, if you changed your name in court, you will need the court order. Other acceptable documents include, and are not limited to, marriage certificates and divorce decrees.
  • The fee – you will be charged $110 for an adult passport book. If you want a card as well, you’ll pay $140. When you apply by mail, you cannot send cash or a personal check. You should use a cashier’s check payable to the US Consulate General.

Once you have all of the above, you have to place them in an envelope and send it to the US consulate in your region. Please check out the US Department of State website to see the exact addresses.

The bottom line is that you can apply for a passport renewal in South Africa using one of two methods. The simplest one is to apply by mail. However, if your trip is scheduled in 14 days or less, you can opt for an expedited passport renewal, in which case you have to show up at the consulate in person. An expedited fee and proof of your upcoming trip are required.

Getting your passport renewal now is less complicated with iVisa.

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