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A B1/B2 visa holder can visit Canada

A B1/B2 visa holder can visit Canada
iVisa | Updated on Feb 28, 2019

If you plan to visit the United States, then you most certainly need to apply for a visa. That, of course, if you are not visa-exempt or your country of origin is in the Visa Waiver Program. The most commonly issued visa to travelers is the B1/B2 visa, the Visitor Visa. It allows its holder to cross the US border and stay there for up to one year. But what happens when you want to travel to Canada from the United States?


As a general rule, a B1/B2 visa holder can visit Canada after departing the US. There is no connection between the two countries other than the flight. We are referring to documentation. There is no rule that tells you not to go to Canada after you tour the US. However, that does not mean there are no formalities in place.

For one thing, you need to be able to cross the Canadian border. For that, you may need proper documentation. You need to check the visa policy of Canada and see if you need a visa for it as well. Canada’s visa policy is pretty lenient, and as a result, you may be allowed to enter the country and stay there for no more than 90 days. Even so, you should check it out. Plus, if you are indeed visa-exempt, you need to apply for an electronic travel authorization. Since you are not a US citizen, you cannot simply show at the border and expect them to let you in. As we said, there are formalities.

In case you need a visa to enter Canada from the US, then you need to visit one of its foreign embassies. After all, you must apply for a visa just as you applied for the US B1/B2 visa. Fortunately, you do not need to return to your home country to do it. A Canadian foreign embassy will do just fine. Just make sure that they issue your Canadian visa before your stay in the US expires. You do not need that kind of trouble.

Can I return to the United States after I visit Canada?

The answer to your question depends. Since you leave the US, a border run is made, so the duration when you come back starts all over again. However, that is not the issue you may confront. You can return to the US, but only if your visa allows multiple entries and it is still valid at the time you plan to return. If it has just one entry, the visa is invalid if you come back again at the US border. You get sent home. The same thing happens if the visa expires. However, if you apply from the start for a multiple entry B1/B2 visa, then you can return to the United States without issues as long as the visa maintains its validity.

The bottom line is that a B1/B2 visa holder can visit Canada after he leaves the United States, but he/she cannot return in the US unless they have a multiple-entry visa that is still valid. Otherwise, that whole scenario is not possible.

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