About the US Tourist visa renewal

About the US Tourist visa renewal

iVisa | Updated on Jan 30, 2020

In case your US tourist visa expired, you may be interested in getting a new one. Fortunately, you can have the old one renewed, and the process is not challenging at all. You will not be asked to do something differently. As long as you meet all the requirements, you will have your new visa in a reasonable amount of time.


Nevertheless, what you need to make sure of before your US tourist visa renewal is that you still meet the eligibility criterion. Here are the requirements:

  • You cannot renew another visa type. You must work on the visa you had in the past. For instance, if you had a B2 visa, you need to apply to renew your B2 visa. You cannot possibly turn it from a B2 to a B1.

  • You did not have a visa application denied recently. In simpler terms, after your visa was issued, you tried to apply for a different visa, but your application was denied. As a result, you cannot renew your expired visa. You may find this rule peculiar, but that is how things work.

  • The visa you want to be renewed has to be for multiple entries, and the validity must be for longer than one year.

  • You still have to meet all the requirements for the individual visa. For example, if you had a B2 visa, for which you met all the requirements at the initial moment of application, you still need to fulfill those conditions. Basically, you need to check if you are still eligible for the visa you previously had. If those conditions are not met, the renewal application will be denied.

  • You cannot apply for the renewal from another country other than the one you originate from. For instance, you may be tempted to apply for a US tourist visa renewal while still in the US. That is not possible. You must return to your home country and apply for the renewal there.

How to apply for a US tourist visa renewal

The application process for a US tourist visa renewal is somewhat similar to the initial process. However, there are some differences. You need to complete the following steps:

Step one: pay the fees

The first thing you need to do is to pay all the fees that you owe for the US tourist visa renewal application process. The payment is made as for when you first applied.

Step two: fill in the form

You need to fill in the same DS-160 nonimmigrant visa application form you filled in when you first applied for your visa. Again, you get the confirmation page, and you can move on.

Step three: your interview may get waived

Unlike the initial application process, for a US tourist visa renewal, you may not have to go through the interview. You must go online, create an account, and you will get a series of questions. You need to be very careful about those because they determine whether or not your interview is waived.

Step four: send all the supporting documents

If you receive the interview waiver, then all you must do is send all the supporting documents to the US embassy via e-mail. However, if your interview is not waived, all that is left for you to do is a schedule and attend a meeting just like the first time you applied for the US tourist visa.

The bottom line is that the application process for a US tourist visa renewal is neither complicated nor simple. It is somewhere in between the two. However, as long as you pay attention and go through the process carefully, you should have your visa renewed in no time.

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