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Do I need a US Business Visa invitation letter?

Do I need a US Business Visa invitation letter?
iVisa | Updated on Aug 24, 2019

If you travel to the United States for the purpose of conducting business, you need to apply for a US Business visa, also known as a type B1 visa. You cannot obtain it online. You must go to the nearest US embassy and submit an application there. However, you can fill in the DS-160 form online. iVisa will soon launch that service so that you can use it with ease.


One of the required documents that you need at the interview is an invitation letter. The document must include the letterhead of the company that makes the invitation. It should also state the reason why it is essential that you go to the US in person, the benefits of the US company as a result of your visit, the meetings you will attend and why they cannot be held remotely, for how long you have been a partner/collaborator, and so on.

The US Business visa invitation letter serves as proof that you qualify for the B1 visa. The purposes for which such a document is released are as follows:

  • You want to negotiate a contract with a US company
  • Participate in meetings with US business associates
  • You wish to settle an estate
  • You want to participate or attend conferences related to education, your profession, or your business

What other requirements are there for a US Business visa?

Apart from eligibility, you need to fill in the application form, which you can do online. As mentioned above, the service will soon become available on iVisa as well. Until then, we are more than happy to provide with useful information about the application process.

Once you fill in the form, you will be sent an application form confirmation page. You need to print it out and add it to the folder of required documents. However, here is what you need to put together for the application form:

  • Valid passport – every person who wishes to apply for a B1 visa is required to hold a passport that is valid for at least another 6 months from the intended date of departure FROM the US.
  • Photo – along with the application form, you need to upload a photograph of yourself. It needs to be as recent as possible and follow all the other photo requirements.
  • Email address – once you submit the application, we will process it and send you the application form confirmation page via email. You will have to print it out before you go to your interview.
  • Means of payment – you will have to pay the fee for the B2 visa. In some cases, that is payable after the application form is completed but before the interview. It depends on nationality. Of course, service fees apply. iVisa will accept credit or debit cards, but PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat will also be considered valid methods of payment.

The next thing required of you is to schedule an interview at the US embassy. It can take a while, depending on the season, but generally, it cannot take more than 60 days.

Make sure that you prepare for the interview thoroughly. The folder of required documents is quite extended, and you need to fulfill them all. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend that you contact the US embassy to inquire about the documents in question. The information you find online, while vast, it can fail you at times. The embassy is the most reliable source of information.

So, to answer your question, yes, you need a US Business visa invitation letter. It will be asked of you during the interview. Make sure that the letter is edited correctly. For more information, we recommend that you find a reliable sample.

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