Green Card Lottery For Bosnia: Apply Now

Green Card Lottery For Bosnia: Apply Now

iVisa | Updated on Jul 07, 2022

Please note that as of June 2022 the CDC no longer requires travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID pre arrival to the US

The Green Card Lottery is a system that allows people of various countries and regions to apply for taking part in the Lottery Programme and get a chance to be among the lucky winners who get a visa to the United States. This Lottery is started by the to help people of such countries that do not allow their immigrants to travel to the United States as it will increase the diversities of that place.

People of such nations can win a chance to study, work or travel to the United States and move to and for in the country without any hassle.

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To apply for for this Diversity Lottery Programme people need to fill a form that will ensure their entry in the same.

The application for the Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Bosnia can be filled through the official website. The instructions to fill the same are given and anyone who wishes to take part in the Lottery can fill the form and complete the registration by providing all the documents and making all the payments on time. The earlier the application is submitted, the benefits it is. To know about the whole process of the application, you can go through the following questions and their explanations.

Process of getting Diversity Visa for the inhabitants of Bosnia

  • Download the application form.
  • Enter all your crucial information which are to be needed for your application.
  • Interface every record which your application demands.
  • Select all the necessary records.
  • Turn in your application.
  • Assurance is done through a self-assertive cycle done by the U.S. Division of State.
  • You don't have to get your Diversity Visa on the off chance that you get chosen. Exclusively after planning all the essentials, you will be equipped for the Diversity Visa.

Why would it be a smart thought for one to apply for his Diversity Visa Lottery early?

The Diversity Visa Lottery for Bosnia isn't hard to gain through But you should choose to apply for any visa in advance because if you do so you can be sure that you get your visa on time and the advanced application would also give enough time to get the process completed to meet your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

What all documents are required at the time of applying for the Diversity Lottery Programme?

The documents mandatory at the time of applying for Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Bosnia are given below:

  • The form needs to be filled in first.
  • Last page of the valid passport. Documents having Personal details.
  • PayPal wallet or Credit/Debit card information for payment information and details.
  • Digital Photograph.
  • Valid travel insurance.

What will be the price and the processing time for the form?

The processing time and the amount needed for the Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Bosnia depends upon the plan selected by the applicant at the time of filling the lottery application.

The three plans available are:

  • Standard processing time (USD 31.99 - 2 days): This plan will take the usual time and the process is lengthy. The amount charged for this one is the least among all the three plans.
  • Rush processing service (USD 65.99 - 24 hours): This plan will get the work done a bit faster and the process will get completed early. The amount charged for this one is more than the standard plan.
  • Super rush processing time (USD 108.99 - 4 hours): This plan will get the whole process completed in the least amount of time and the lottery form will get processed early. The amount for this one is the most among all these three plans.

Where can I find more details about the form application?

To find more information related to Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Bosnia and the lottery process you can go to the official website and find all the relevant details.

Is it safe to apply through

Yes. It is extremely safe if you are applying for the Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Bosnia form through as we provide a safe and secure environment to our customers to complete their application process. You can also read the reviews to know more about the same.

How can I apply for Diversity Lottery Programme?

To apply for and fill the form for the Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Bosnia you need to go to the official website and complete all the formalities over there. You can also connect directly to the’s customer care portal and you will be guided throughout the application process.

What is the use of the Green Card?

The Green Card allows the holder to live legally in the United States without any hassle. The citizens having a green card can study, work or do business in the country without having to worry about their visa. To get your hands on this type of visa, you can apply for Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Bosnia.

What is the month when the Green Card Lottery is held?

The Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Bosnia takes place in the month of October and anyone who wishes to apply for the same can do so by filling the lottery form and completing all the procedures followed by the same.

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