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Green card lottery for Zambia: A Guide

iVisa | Updated on Jul 07, 2022

Please note that as of June 2022 the CDC no longer requires travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID pre arrival to the US

The golden opportunity for various people from all around the world who wish to migrate to the United States for various purposes like studying, earning a living, and getting settled. Various countries do not allow their citizens to migrate from the origin country to the United States due to various reasons.

This can hamper the progress of an individual. the ambition of settling abroad, having a perfect life, etc., is shattered by the rigid policies that do not permit the citizens to become the citizen of United States.

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This is the time when you need to try for getting out of that zone and achieve what you deserve. The Green Card Lottery program will help you in the same. To apply for the Diversity Lottery Programme, the interested people need to fill and submit a form that will ensure their entry into the United States.

One can get the application for the Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Zambia on the official website of iVisa.com. For the instruction to fill the lottery form is also provided on the website. This golden opportunity comes every year in the month of October. There are several benefits of getting enrolled in this lottery program.

One can achieve their goals of getting successfully settled in the United States through this lottery Program.

What Is The Process For Getting The Diversity Visa?

  • The first and foremost step is to complete the application form on iVisa.com.
  • Once all the correct details are entered into the form, you will have to submit it.
  • Upon submission, you will have to pay the fees for the processing of your visa and any other charges that may be applicable.
  • If your visa then gets approved, you will get it in your mail.
  • The approved visa can be printed out for being used as a physical copy.

Why It Is Better To Apply In Advance?

Making any application is something that requires you to complete formalities and for doing that you need time, if you think that you can complete all the formalities at the 11th hour then there are chances that you may not be able to get your visa on time.

This is why iVisa.com advises you to make your application in advance so that we can process your visa based on your requirements so that you not only get the visa when you need it but also that your visa stays valid throughout your trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

Which documents are needed to apply for Diversity Lottery Programme?

The documents needed at the time of form submission for Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Zambia are mentioned below:

  • Filling the form accurately to get started.
  • The Last page of the valid passport is required for the verification process.
  • Documents with the Personal details must be attached.
  • Details of the PayPal wallet or Credit/Debit card information are required for the transaction processes.
  • A recent professional Digital Photograph is required.
  • A Valid travel insurance is mandatory for traveling.

What is the processing duration of the form?

For the Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Zambia, the processing period may differ according to the service selected.

The plans are:

  • Standard processing plan (USD $29.49 - 2 days): This is the basic plan that is used by default for processing the application form. There are no extra charges applicable with no added benefits.
  • Rush processing plan (USD $51.99 - 24 hours): This plan is faster as compared to the standard plan. With the reduction in the processing time, this plan is beneficial with some extra charges applicable.
  • Super rush processing plan (USD $84.99 - 4 hours): This plan is beneficial for people who do not want any delay in processing. With minimum processing time and benefits, some extra charges may be applicable.

Where to find the details about the application form?

For more details related to Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Zambia and the lottery process, one must visit our official website.

Is it safe to apply for a lottery from iVisa.com?

Yes. It is safe to apply for the Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Zambia form through iVisa.com as the services provided are safe and secure. You can also view the reviews of our satisfied customers and clear your doubts regarding the safety.

How can we apply for Diversity Lottery Programme?

To apply for the Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Zambia, one has to visit our official website to get done with all kinds of formalities for the submission of the form. The interested ones can also connect to the iVisa.com’s customer care portal and receive guidance regarding the application process and other queries related to the same.

What is the use of Green Card?

The Green Card is useful to the holder, acting as the permit to legally settle in the United States for various purposes like studies and work. To enjoy the benefits of such type of visa, one can apply for Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Zambia.

What is the month when the Green Card Lottery is held?

The Diversity Lottery (Green Card Lottery) For Zambia is organized in the month of October and the interested people who wish to apply for the same can get enrolled by filling and submitting the lottery form and get done with all the formalities and procedures that are required for availing this service.

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