I need a US Tourist visa - which type must I apply for?

I need a US Tourist visa - which type must I apply for?

iVisa | Updated on Jul 07, 2022

Please note that as of June 2022 the CDC no longer requires travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID pre arrival to the US

If you are thinking to take a trip to the US as a tourist, what you need is a B2 visa. That is the type that covers that purpose. Just to make things a bit clearer, these are the purposes for which you can get a US B2 visa:


  • Spend your vacation in the US
  • Take a tour of the US
  • Visit your friends or relatives
  • You want to attend social events
  • You want to receive medical treatment
  • Take part in events or contests related to sports or music, but you do not receive payment for it
  • Take courses, but not for credit (for instance, woodworking classes)

How to apply for a US Tourist visa

What you need to know from the start is that the US B2 Tourist visa is not available online. However, you can fill in the application online, and that is something that iVisa will be able to help you with in the future. What iVisa and any other website can offer is the application form confirmation page that you will need for the interview.

If you choose iVisa as your visa service, you will enjoy a hassle-free application process. What you will need is the following:

  • Valid passport – every person who wishes to apply for a B2 visa is required to hold a passport that is valid for at least another 6 months from the intended date of departure FROM the US.
  • Photo – along with the application form, you need to upload a photograph of yourself. It needs to be as recent as possible and follow all the other photo requirements.
  • E-mail address – once you submit the application, we will process it and send you the application form confirmation page via e-mail. You will have to print it out before you go to your interview.
  • Means of payment – you will have to pay the fee for the B2 visa. In some cases, that is payable after the application form is completed but before the interview. It depends on nationality. Of course, service fees apply. iVisa will accept credit or debit cards, but PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat will also be considered valid methods of payment.

The next step will be to actually fill in the application. The form will be short and straightforward, but if you need assistance, iVisa’s support service can be reached 24/7 and is free of charge.

There will be three steps you need to complete. The first one will ask for your personal information, some details regarding your trip, and some passport info. This will also be the time for you to choose a processing time for your application, something which will establish the amount of money you will spend on the confirmation page. iVisa will come up with three different processing time options, but since the application page is not live yet, we cannot disclose the fees for the moment. What we can tell you is that the fees will be more than reasonable.

The second step will require you to cover the payment and review your form so that it does not contain any mistakes. Keep in mind that even s simple typo can render any document invalid. And the third step will ask you to upload the necessary supporting documents. As soon as you are done, all that will be left for you to do is submit the form. iVisa will send you the confirmation page in the timeframe you will have selected.

So, if you want a US Tourist visa, B2 is the type you need. It covers anything that is medical or tourism-related. Remember that iVisa will only give you the confirmation page. The visa itself will be issued by an embassy or consulate following an interview to which you need to bring the confirmation page iVisa will provide for you.

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