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US B1B2 Visa for Cyprus Citizens

iVisa | Updated on Aug 26, 2022

Please note that as of June 2022 the CDC no longer requires travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID pre arrival to the US

We are improving our B1/B2 application process to make sure it is up to date with current US visa policy. We will make this product available again soon. In the mean time, below you will find useful information to keep in mind for your US visa application.

Apply early for your U.S. visa because United States immigration officers need at the very least 8 weeks to process a Visa B1/B2 online application for Cypriot citizens. The U.S. nonimmigrant visa Type B1/B2 is a temporary visa for business and tourism purposes.

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Temporary business is allowed with a U.S. B1 Visa. If you are traveling to America as a tourist, you will want a B2 Visa. For simplicity, it is now easy to apply and receive a combination B1/B2 visa interview electronically which is a visa good for both purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a U.S. R B1/B2 visa?

The United States Visa Type B1/B2 or B-1/B-2 is a temporary, nonimmigration visa that allows residents of Cyprus to go ahead with business and tourism to be allowed without worrying about two different visas.

Can I get my U.S. visa online?

Not yet. But don’t worry, iVisa.com can help you schedule your U.S. embassy/consulate interview by handing over your DS-160 form to the United States government for you. It is best to schedule this at least 8 weeks out from your pre-planned arrival into the U.S.

How much does a U.S. multiple entry Visa R B1/B2 cost?

For your interview, it depends on your desired processing time.

  • If you choose Standard Processing, it will take 9 days, and your visa will cost USD $227.99.
  • If you choose Rush Processing, it will take 7 days, and your visa will cost USD $273.99.
  • If you choose Super Rush Processing, it will take 5 days, and your visa will cost USD $326.99.

NOTE: The United States government may add on additional fees after you receive your interview and your visa. One example is the “visa issuance fee” which is a post-interview fee that relies on ‘reciprocity.’ America will charge foreign travelers a fee the same as their home countries charge U.S. visitors when they enter their country.

How many entries do I get into the U.S. with the B1/B2 visa?

Your U.S. R B1/B2 visa gives Cypriot applicants Multiple Entry.

When does my United States B1/B2 business/tourist visa expire?

Your business & tourist visa for the U.S. will expire 10 years after issued.

How long can you stay in the U.S. with a B1/B2 visa?

With your R B1/B2 visa, you can stay in the United States as a Cypriot citizen for at least 180 days Per Entry.

What do I need for my DS-160 interview application for the B1/B2 visa?

To fill out your visa interview application, you will need your valid Cyprus passport, social media account names, a relevant U.S. consulate/embassy location, official documentation validating your reasons for traveling to the United States, and personal information like your address and phone number.

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