US Tourist Visa for the citizens of the Philippines

US Tourist Visa for the citizens of the Philippines

iVisa | Updated on Apr 20, 2022

The citizens of the Philippines who plan to travel to the United States for tourism purposes need to apply for a US visa. As a Filipino, you are neither visa-exempt nor in the Visa Waiver Program, so your only choice is to pay a visit to the nearest US embassy or simply apply for a visa with the help of VisaExpress (which is a lot easier than doing it by yourself.

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One of the required documents is the application form, the DS-160 non-immigrant form, which VisaExpress will be able to help you with shortly. This process can be done online or offline.

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What do I need to get a US Tourist Visa?

It is very easy to apply for a B1/B2 visa by completing the checklist below. Once completed, processing the application through VisaExpress will be a lot easier than getting the documents. These are the documents and items you need:

  • Valid passport – Every person who wishes to apply for a B2 visa is required to hold a passport that is valid for at least another 6 months from the intended date of departure from the US.
  • Photo – Along with the application form, you need to upload a photograph of yourself. It needs to be as recent as possible and follow all the other photo requirements.
  • E-mail address – Once you send the application form, VisaExpress will process it and send you the application form confirmation page via e-mail. You will have to print it out before you go to your interview.
  • Means of payment – you will have to pay the fee for the B2 visa. In some cases, that is payable after the application form is completed but it must be done before the interview. It depends on nationality. Of course, service fees apply. Be ready to use your debit or credit card.

Other documents like information about yourself (example: travel insurance, a letter showing that you will be back in your country, etc.) could be necessary depending on your case.

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Where can I apply for the US Tourist Visa for the citizens of the Philippines?

To avoid difficulties or setbacks in applying for the B1/B2 Visa, we suggest using the services of VisaExpress. Their work team is at your disposition 24/7 with an expert Concierge service that has already assisted over 110,722 travelers to enter the United States.

Get ready to process your B1/B2 Visa with VisaExpress now.

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How is the VisaExpress application process?

You only have to follow these steps to get your B1/B2 visa at VisaExpress:

  • Complete the online form first. You have to offer important information like your email address, date of birth, and passport number.
  • Review the information so VisaExpress has your personal details right.
  • Pay the service fee which will change depending on the processing option you select.
  • As soon as you complete these steps, you will be ready to wait for the approval and then schedule an interview (if needed).

If you’re a traveler ready to apply for a B1/B2 visa head to VisaExpress

How much will the B1/B2 visa process cost?

At you can find some of the lowest processing fees in the world, but the same goes for VisaExpress! For only $159, you will benefit from the Concierge Service. VisaExpress service includes their processing fees PLUS 2 years of Concierge Service while staying in the USA.

Government fee NOT included: $160

How long does the process usually take?

Processing a visa is not as easy as it sounds, but with VisaExpress the process is less tiresome than the traditional way. However, deciphering the right waiting period is hard as it depends on the U.S. officials. It could take anywhere between two to six weeks. What you should know for sure is that the VisaExpress team checks every single request form for the slightest error. After all, 90% of applications that are submitted each year have one or more errors and the presence of a single mistake can affect the outcome of the process.

Where can I read more about the B1/B2 visa renewal process?

To learn more about the US Tourist Visa for the citizens of the Philippines, we recommend contacting our agents or explore our website. may not be able to help you at the moment with the application form confirmation, but you have to admit that getting a US Tourist visa for the citizens of the Philippines is more convenient now that VisaExpress is ready to help you at any time.

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