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US Visa for Irish

iVisa | Updated on Jul 07, 2022

Please note that as of June 2022 the CDC no longer requires travelers to present a negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID pre arrival to the US

We are improving our B1/B2 application process to make sure it is up to date with current US visa policy. We will make this product available again soon. In the mean time, below you will find useful information to keep in mind for your US visa application.

Have you always dreamed of visiting America? Irish culture is a well-known part of American life as reflected in St. Patty’s day celebrations, Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish college mascot and other pockets of Ireland on American soil. You can plan an entire trip around seeing a slice of Ireland wherever you go or plan for an entirely different kind of adventure based on the cities and natural wonders of the United States. Either way, you probably have questions about what type of travel documents are necessary to enter America from Ireland. We have put together some information about the most common concerns to answer your questions.


Do I need a Visa to Visit America?

Regulations are always shifting and changing, but at this time a Visa and travel documents are required to visit the U.S. from Ireland. You can rely on us at iVisa to stay current on the documents needed for Irish Citizens to enter the U.S. and our quick and easy application process will save you the trouble of having to stay abreast of any uncertainties about the requirements personally.

Our process only takes about 30 minutes to issue the travel documents you will need to visit the United States, and the documents are currently good for 730 days after issue.

How Much Will My Travel Documents Cost?

Costs may vary depending on how they are obtained. We at iVisa are pleased to be able to keep costs competitive via our efficient system and website. For this reason, we can offer the necessary travel document for only $14 with a service fee of $15. Your time is valuable as well, and we imagine you will be pleased to learn that our processing time is only 30 minutes.

Is The Process of Getting my Travel Documents Online Secure?

If you haven’t done a lot of international traveling, you may wonder if getting a visa online from a third party rather than directly from the U.S. Embassy is wise. The good news is that our iVisa site is fully licensed and approved by the U.S. Government and so well trusted that we have a 9.5/10 rating at TrustPilot. We have World-class data centers and state-of-the-art methods for securing user accounts.

One of the other things that make an electronic travel document safer than a paper one is that we can easily replace it if it is lost during packing or travel to the airport. Imagine the peace of mind that comes from not having to worry about whether this all-important document is sitting on the kitchen table when you are waiting in the security line at the airport.

How do I Apply for My E-Visa?

Simply follow this link to access your iVisa application. Follow the simple steps, and you will quickly have the documents you need to legally enter the United States from Ireland to start your American Adventure. All fees are due at the time of service, and convenient payment options are available.

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