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US visa for Taiwanese

US visa for Taiwanese
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

Many Taiwanese enjoy traveling, and America is an attractive destination. However, as recently as five years ago, the challenges associated with obtaining a visa to visit the US were significant. Visa fees ran as high as $164, and the traveler had the potential of having to work hard to convince a US Embassy interviewer of their intention to return home. However, in 2012, Taiwan qualified for the US Visa Waiver Program. This program covers countries whose citizens are thought to be low risks to US security and unlikely to overstay a visa and become illegal immigrants.



How Do I Know if I Qualify for This New Program?

You can only apply if you do not have a current US visa. If you do, you will use that instead. You need to be planning a stay of under 90 days, traveling for business or pleasure, and be able to provide employment information. Also as of April 1, 2016, you must have an e-passport. You can quickly check your passport for the unique international symbol on the front cover. The next steps can be taken on our website – where you will go through a questionnaire to make sure you qualify.

Does an ESTA Guarantee Entry into the United States?

No, it only states that you meet the Visa Waiver Program criteria for travel to the US, but does not guarantee admission. There is a possibility that an Immigration officer could derminine that you are inadmissible once you arrive in the US. Please reach out to our staff 24/7 via phone or chat if you have questions about how likely this is to occur and how best to avoid it.

How Long Does It Take to Get a US Visa for Taiwanese Passport Holders?

ESTA processing time is within a day or in as little as 15-30 minutes with iVisa. Fees are as low as $15 to have your visa within a day or so, but for an additional charge we can expedite the process and have the travel document to you very quickly if you have forgotten to take care of this important step before going to the airport.

How Long can Taiwanese Citizens Stay in America?

There are almost ten different types of visas for travel to the United States. The ESTA is a very basic electronic travel document that allows you to enter and leave the United States multiple times over a 730-day (two-year) span without having to reapply – as long as you meet the necessary requirements for this type of document and do not stay longer than 90 days during each visit.

Can I Travel to Mexico or Canada with Friends or Relatives from the US?

Your ESTA is valid for multiple entries into the US; however, it does not grant you entry into either Mexico or Canada. Actual visas are still required to enter Mexico with a Taiwanese Passport, and you will need to plan well ahead of time to obtain your visa from the nearest Mexican Embassy. E-visas are available for Taiwanese citizens planning to visit Canada. You can go directly from getting your US travel documents to the page for Canadian documents found here.


Taiwanese passport holders now qualify for the US ESTA – a simplified form of travel document. iVisa offers a well-regarded innovative, secure, convenient and accessible service to help you obtain your documents quickly and go back to dreaming about your trip.

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