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US Visa Renewal for Belize (Visa B1/B2)

iVisa | Updated on Sep 26, 2022

Are you ready to travel to the U.S.? Do you have all your travel documents up to date? If you don't, don't worry! If you are one of the many people with a U.S. B1/B2 visa that is about to expire or has expired within the last 48 months, you can take advantage of our updated renewal process. It only takes a few clicks, and there is no need to travel to an embassy or consulate.

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It is essential to understand that this process is only available for B1/B2 visa renewal applicants, not those who want to apply for a new visa. In addition, you need to present visas, passports, or immigration travel documents to enter the country.

iVisa has a group of experts who will help you through every step of this simple process. So don't worry; just fill out our B1/B2 visa renewal forms, and you will soon have your document.

If you want to know more about it, keep reading this article.

Renew your U.S. Visa online to enter the United States from Belize with iVisa!

Here you will learn how to renew it thanks to iVisa, our processing times, interesting tourism facts, and much more.

What is the American Visa B1/B2, and how to renew it?

These immigrant visas are travel documents that allow you to travel to the US for work or tourism purposes. If you want to apply for this document, there are some conditions. For example, you must have a valid Belize passport and reside in a country other than the United States.

If you plan to visit this country for other reasons, such as study or work, you must apply for another type of visa at the embassy or consulate.

This document allows you to travel within the country for up to 180 days Per Entry. However, make sure you leave the country after 6 months, or you will likely be expelled and not allowed to return.

To get through this process, you must meet the country's Immigration and Nationality Law conditions. These requirements are:

  • The purpose of the trip must be for business or tourism.

  • Must have residency outside the U.S. and other obligations to ensure return.

  • The original visa must not have been lost, stolen, revoked, or denied.

If you are interested in applying for a visa, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: To renew your B1/B2 visa, complete the online form and click Submit.

  • Step 2: Please ensure you have completed all the fields, especially your email address and other contact information. Once you have made the necessary corrections, you can attach your documents and make the payment.

  • Step 3: To renew your visa, you'll need to provide your passport and complete a few other steps. Your passport will be returned to you by courier service with your new visa.

How to apply for the renewal of the American Visa in Belize?

When you apply for a new document, you must go through a series of requirements, interviews, and more processes. Nowadays, renewing an existing visa is faster and with iVisa.

However, there are also some exceptions to this rule. For example, renewal applications can be made for minors under 14, seniors older than 79, and those with valid or expired visas within the the last 48 months.

We don't offer any citizenship and immigration services. If you need this visa category, you will need to find a national visa center.

Necessary Documents for the renewal of the American Visa in Belize

To apply for the renewal of the US B1/B2 visa for citizens from Belize, you need these documents:

  • Valid Passport: You will need a passport with more than 6 months of validity and an expired visa to apply for a new one. Your passport should also have at least two blank pages to affix the new visa.

  • Digital photo: You must present a digital photograph. The face must be visible, without accessories, and with a white background. At iVisa, we also offer an online photo service if you need one.

  • Your last U.S. visa: You must present a scanned copy of your previous U.S. visa. If you have acquired a new passport and the visa is in your old one, you must submit both passports for processing.

  • Additional information: Depending on each case, the embassy or consulate may request additional information or require a non immigrant visa interview.

  • Email: An email address is required, preferably one you use the most.

  • Payment: You can pay for the process with a debit/credit card.

What are the processing times at iVisa?

iVisa offers the following standard processing time for US B1/B2 visa renewals:

  • Standard processing time (USD $29.49) - 30 days. B1/B2 Visa Renewal fees include the MRV of USD $0.00 and unlimited assistance from an iVisa Expert.

What are the benefits of renewing your B1/B2 visa with iVisa?

The benefits are as follows:

  • We will ensure the form is correctly filled out: Our experts will review each one of your answers and make the necessary adjustments to ensure they meet the requirements of the U.S. government.

  • You will save time: With the help of iVisa, you can complete your application in your own time without fear of losing any information.

  • You will have a simplified form: iVisa's form only has 80 straightforward, easy-to-understand questions. Less than other internet sites.

  • You will have our educational guide manual at hand: After you have completed the application, we will send you a manual with recommendations for preparing yourself to renew your visa without difficulty.

  • You will have 24/7 support: One of our iVisa Experts will assist you throughout the process and ensure everything goes perfectly. This benefit is significant because it lets you ensure you are answering everything correctly.

When is the best time to travel to the USA?

The United States has a variable climate depending on the region. For example, the northeastern United States is much cooler. This part of the country, with beautiful nature reserves and several rivers, is suitable for a pleasant road trip for nature lovers.

Spring usually has mild days and cooler nights, while winters are generally cold. Therefore, you can enjoy the summer and its long days in this region without being too hot.

On the other hand, we always recommend a main tourist destination in the country. For example, Los Angeles is known for its immense skyscrapers and worldwide film industry.

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COVID-19 Restrictions in the United States

Travelers from Belize are not required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test result, nor are they required to quarantine.

However, all international travelers are required to present a certificate of vaccination. Of course, there are exceptions in all cases, but border agents will determine whether a visitor may enter the country.

Also, all visitors staying in the United States for 60 days or more must be vaccinated against COVID-19. Failure to do so will result in consequences for these travelers.

To be considered vaccinated, you must present the certificate with all vaccinations, including the booster vaccination administered at least 14 days before travel.

Where can I contact iVisa?

If you have questions about iVisa, please contact our customer service team or email us at [email protected]. Our experts will be available 24/7. Additionally, if you need any help from the government agency of the country, you can find the Belize phone number in any external links outside our website.

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