Uzbekistan visa cost for UK citizens

Uzbekistan visa cost for UK citizens
iVisa | Updated on Nov 02, 2018

According to Uzbekistan’s visa policy, there are approximately 60 countries whose citizens are eligible for an Uzbekistan e-visa, which means that the people who qualify can apply online for a visa instead of going to an embassy. The citizens of the United Kingdom are among the lucky travelers who can avoid a trip to the embassy, which means you can apply for your visa in just 20 minutes. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection.

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One of the primary concerns when it comes to applying for a visa is the cost. As you can imagine, the fees differ depending on how you wish to apply. For example, if you submit an application for your visa at the Uzbek embassy in your region, the fee is $20. It does not sound much, does it? However, there are other things that you should consider. For example, institutions such as embassies work only during business hours Monday through Friday. That means you must take a day off from work. Also, if the embassy is nowhere near you, you must take a trip, which comes at an additional cost for you. If you add all the expenses and the money lost because you lose work, the $20 sounds optimistic.

Lucky for you, you have the online option, and the online application process is less costly when you look at the bigger picture. iVisa tries to satisfy everyone’s needs and budgets, which is why it has created not one but three options you can choose from. The idea is pretty straightforward. The faster you want your Uzbekistan e-visa, the more you have to pay, but you still have a cheap option at hand. Take a look at what iVisa can give you and at what cost:

  • Standard processing time – this is the slowest processing, but it is also the cheapest. Your application is reviewed in 5 business days, and you need to pay only $40. There are no hidden charges, and what you pay during the application process, the exact amount will show on your bank statement.

  • Rush processing – this time, your visa will arrive a little bit sooner. The document is ready within just 72 hours, but the cost is a little bit higher, you will be charged $60 this time.

  • Super Rush processing – if you need your Uzbekistan visa right away, the fastest option you can choose is this one. Your document will arrive via e-mail in just 48 hours. As you can imagine, this option is the most expensive of them all. It costs $80.

As for means of payment, iVisa gives you multiple options this time as well. The payment needs to be made while you fill in the online application form, so you need a means of online payment. You can use a credit or a debit card, and if you have an account on PayPal, you can use that to make the payment too. The choice is yours.

The bottom line is that when you apply online, it may seem that you spend more money than you would if you went to an embassy. However, if you take a look at all the money you actually lose choosing an embassy, iVisa’s fees sound better. Plus, if you are not in a hurry and apply ahead of time, the Standard processing time is just $20 more than what you pay at the consulate. $20 makes up for all your effort and time you lose, doesn’t it?

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